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A Letter from a Peace Messenger in the Philippines

JAN 2017

IPYG met Raxiey Adolfo, Co-founder of International Youth United and a member of IPYG. He held an event ‘The Surigao Peace Caravan’ three times in January. He has a dedication and commitment for peace. He thinks that young people can work for peace on their own with the help of IPYG’s guidance. He knows that HWPL and IPYG have been making constant efforts to achieve peace. He appreciates the dedicated support of IPYG and looks forward to working with us.


I always wanted to work for the benefit of the young people, because I believe that if we see that the world we are living in right now is a mess, the next generation should not experience this situation but rather live in a world where they can play without limit, study in schools without threat of violence and live happily like the stories we see on fiction movies. I know it will not be easy, but it’s never impossible. Working to develop the world we live in starts from us young people and it will emanate from us who will lead the world in the future.

Maybe there are a lot of challenges along our way but there are many things that will make us a better messenger of peace.  It should not be the reason to malign our commitment and hopes for a better world.

If you want a place where you can live peacefully, start the struggle now! Never wait for others to do it for you. You should start it by yourself to  get others on board with you. Start it with yourself and influence others to work for peace! Promise, it works with me!

Raxiey Adolfo

International Youth United


We hope that all the events would proceed well and that peace can be achieved as soon as possible in the Philippines through the peace activities of Mr. Raxiey Adolfo who wrote this letter to IPYG. He got inspired when a member of IPYG said that “we should not stop working unless there's already peace in this world”. Likewise, let’s try to work together for peace in the world.

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Peace Culture: A Global Need

NOV 2016

A letter from a peace messenger from Indonesia

 IPYG met Zainul Fuad, Dean of the Islamic State University (UIN) North Sumatra and a member of IPYG. He participated in the 2nd Annual commemoration of the World Alliance of Religion’s Peace (WARP) Summit as a peace messenger. He truly has a mind for peace and will be processed with the Education Program and Peace Seminar in December 2016. He knows that HWPL and IPYG have been working on peace activities for world peace, and that HWPL and IPYG have always made an effort to achieve peace. Now, let us see read what he would like to say to the IPYG of the world.

Dear. IPYG of the world

As one of the participants of the last 2nd Annual commemoration of World Alliance of Religion’s Peace (WARP) Summit, my concern in life is only peace, and I was so impressed and touched by the chairman of HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee through this summit. It’s an honor to be part of HWPL members, the family of peace, to work for peace together as one and I would also like to express my intention to cooperate with IPYG in building world peace. The current situation in Indonesia regarding interreligious relations is quite precarious, and the political issues have also made social relations fragile. This compounded by the issue of religious blasphemy for a certain political purpose.

In this situation, I feel that spreading a culture of peace is the most important work of the world, including Indonesia which struggles to find solutions to the potential appearance of interreligious conflicts. Through our organization CENTER FOR PEACE STUDIES, we would like to organize the Education Program and a Peace Seminar to raise awareness toward peace and learn how important peace is for the youth. In December 2016, the event will be attended by the representatives of students from various universities in North Sumatra.

For this purpose, I would be very grateful if the INTERNATIONAL PEACE YOUTH GROUP (IPYG) could cooperate and help us facilitate the success of this program so as for it to be one of the ways to spread peace in Indonesia. I do believe peace can be achieved as the chairman of HWPL says, and I support HWPL and IPYG.


Zainul Fuad

Islamic State University (UIN) North Sumatra


 We hope that the events planned would be successful and that peace may be achieved as soon as possible in Indonesia through the peace activities of Mr. Zainul Fuad who wrote this letter to IPYG. We would like to say to the peace advocates who read this article. “Let’s try to achieve peace together as one”

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Brahmanda Pratap Barua, Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha Youth Dhaka Secretary General

OCT 2016

Dear IPYG,

It gives me a lot of pleasure to write to you after coming back from 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP summit 2016, Korea, which was so impressive and inspiring too.

I feel honored and fortunate that HWPL have given me a chance to be a part of the family and making me a Peace Advocate for Bangladesh. What to say? It seems how much I shall describe is less in compare to what I have observed and enjoyed at your esteemed organization and in your good hand.

The first day I was welcomed from the Airport with a nice garland. The Hotel was really nice and all IPYG members those were sitting at the lobby were so much cooperative and helpful. I really felt so special and worthy of being a part of HWPL family.

The welcoming and opening show “Peace Festival” in Olympic Stadium on 18th September was breathtaking.  It is first time in my life that I walked through any Olympic track along with the IPYG team with the flag.

The placard show was so nice along with the video at the screen. It made me cry when I saw the video of First World War, Second World War and Korean War and the performance of HWPL members who created Korean map and described Korean War through their activities. It would be so much difficult even for any Government to arrange such a program. More over our Chairman’s speech was so much inspiring as always. Hon. Chairman explained what he experienced on Korean War and why the youths must not engage themselves in to violence. His speech was also filled with enough guidelines for the youths.  

The fireworks were amazing and finally the drum playing was excellent. I saw how the VIP’s were dancing, they were so happy to be a part of the whole program.

The forum was so fruitful, speakers from around the world spoke on how to make the declaration successful and how to solve existing problems in light with the declaration. We had a very less time so may be all speakers could not speak but all have given their consent at their best.

The Conference was also fruitful one, Our Chairman Mr. Man He Lee was the main attraction with his bold speech. I became surprise how a man gives examples from so many religious scriptures. It seems he reads a lot. He also said "We have seen First World War, Second World War, Korean war, Gulf war, Middle east war, Syrian war and we are thinking that war is over but in fact it’s not over. We are still living in war zone, world now has become a war zone. It’s time to sign the declaration for the sake of humanity, for the sake of our own existence. Why world leaders are not signing the declaration. If they think, they are President or Prime Minister and they don’t have to sign it than they are wrong. They are not holding this position for whole life. Tomorrow they will be former President or former Prime Minister, than who will save them? Can’t they understand how important it is to sign it even to save their own existence? The declaration is made by taking a lot of time, with a lot of meeting, discussion and enough knowledge. There is no point that is harmful for any beings, than why they are not signing. If they do not sign it, one day their future generation will ask them and accuse them for not taking this opportunity".

It was really so much inspiring. Our Chairman is the leader of the leaders, that day he proved it once again. Because I saw how all leaders were listening to him and our Chairman was just instructing them. It was pin drop silent all the way. Our Chairman never writes his speech, he never even reads his speech from any written script but he speaks instantly whatever he feels from inside. Our Chairman also said he heard from heaven, he got orders from God to make this earth free from suffering. But he was not sure about how he will start the job, as he doesn’t have enough money and enough knowledge, so he had confusion but God have given him instruction, showed him ways, about how he can start the work with a simple way. He always talked simply with all world leaders wherever he went and everyone listened to him like elder brother. He instructed us too to behave simply and start the work at our home and abroad with a simple manner. I must say our Chairman is the most charismatic man I have ever met or seen.

At the final day our Chairman has extended his invitation to me at his peace palace with a wonderful dinner. All foods were selected by judging everyone’s taste. Even at that day our Chairman have given his short speech and instructed us how to proceed and do the work at our best. I must say the overall meeting was great success and all guests were so happy to receive so much respect from HWPL.

It’s been two years since I’m working with IPYG and HWPL. Every time I went for a meeting, I learnt new things from our Chairman’s speech. That’s why I always try to give my best support to IPYG so that our Chairman’s effort does not go in vain. Even at the age of eighty plus he is working like a young man. This is because of his mental strength and love/responsibility for mankind.

Sometime I think, if our Chairman would have made this declaration before First World War, may be, we wouldn’t had to see any of the wars on history. It’s already late but even now if we do not follow it or adopt it to United Nations, it would be foolish and shameful as well.

We are trying our best to get signatures from head of the state. Already more than 20,000 students from College and Universities have signed in favor of declaration and all the political leaders, teachers, advocates, lawyers, doctors, engineers, judges we met were given their positive consent in favor of the declaration.

My message to the world youth will be very simple. “Dear brothers in mankind, please do not sit idle at home, it is time for us to wake up and awake others and work for society. If you are selfish and do not want to spend time for others than no problem please work for yourself, your own family, your future children. Make this earth safe enough so that your daughter can walk on green grass and your son can run up to your lap safely. Be a candle, light up yourself and spread the light to other candles as well. The declaration is a guideline that is prepared, let us all spread the declaration to the person next to us. Let us say no to Hatred, let us say no to Lie and Let us say no to War”.


Thanks and best regards

Brahmanda Pratap Barua.

Peace Advocate IPYG

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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A Letter from a Peace Messenger of Rwanda

JUL 2016

The Peace Message to IPYG all over the world

IPYG met David GATOYA NTABAJYANA, the director of Association des Parents Adventistes Pour Le Development de Education (APADE) and a member of the IPYG. He has worked with the IPYG and HWPL and supported the DPCW. He gathered about 1,000 students at his school, APADE and helped them to understand the importance of the DPCW. Then, the students signed in support of the Declaration, urging that the Declaration be developed into an international legally binding document. He understands what HWPL, IPYG and IWPG stands for and is always making an effort to achieve peace in Rwanda with us. Now, let us meet Mr. David and listen to his message for youth all over the world.

My name is Gatoya N. David. I am a head teacher of secondary school while being a Director of school and leading 1000 student. I understood the importance of peace through the messages of Chairman Lee of HWPL, especially for today's youth. Also, being Rwandan citizen and witnessing the genocide and suffering from the result of it, I pledge to organize several conferences in my school on peace keeping. I will also organize to peace parade walk whenever we can. It is my hope that this will work out well and have good results for the future and the young ones. We will also try to cover many news articles through media and share the outcome with others all over the world.

There already was a new era of peace opened for students in APADE. We hope that they can be the future of the peaceful world and they can be peace messengers for world peace. Mr. David hopes to do peace work together with HWPL and the IPYG. He also wants to build Peace Academy for the future of the youth and for achieving peace in Rwanda. This is the first step towards real peace in Rwanda and all over the world. We, IPYG, support his passion for peace.

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A Letter from an Afghan Youth Who Loves IPYG

JUN 2016

Jamshid Ayubi, Amity University, International law and political science

IPYG gives hope that true peace is possible in Afghanistan


Jamshid Ayubi is an Afghan youth who majored in international law and political science at Amity University in India. He came to learn about the IPYG in India. Greatly inspired by the peace movement of HWPL and IPYG, he joined the IPYG and has been working together for peace. As a youth who experienced the pain of war firsthand, he longs for peace. Convinced that true peace can be achieved by working with HWPL and IPYG, he has sent a letter.



I am Jamshid Ayubi from Afghanistan. I'm 23 years old and currently searching for a job in the ministry of foreign affairs. I have done my bachelor's degree at Amity University, India.

I'm living in a country that its past is better than present. Even though after wars, people have partially peace in some part of the country. In a world which sorely needs the engagement of the youth in nation-building processes, I am taken aback by the peace driven vision of HWPL, which aligns with the hopes and dreams that I have for my own country.

I come from a country that is a melting pot of various different ethnicities, one where I am certain that our similarities bring us together, and differences make us stronger.

A war-torn nation that is still licking its wounds, Afghanistan is making incremental steps in its path to actualize its potential. I wish to lead my nation tomorrow on a path where Afghans can boast about peace, stability, a world class education, efficient healthcare, modern infrastructure, and abundant opportunities for the youth. I am passionate about seeing an Afghanistan where men and women work as equals toward building the Afghanistan of tomorrow.

I strongly commit myself to HWPL and would like to carry as an active volunteer.

I don't know when I have been more affected by an organization than I was met with delegates of IPYG in India. Peace message of IPYG settled my heart and gave me very real hope especially about Afghanistan's future.

His Excellency's leadership of our organization (HWPL and IPYG) has caused an upturn in all of our spirits. The freshness of his perspectives and his inspiring work for world peace helped many people across the globe to put aside violence and think about a peaceful world. I'm appreciative of Mr. Lee's speeches which have been focused on how we can support each other in times of crisis.

I will gain the knowledge and the skills to be able to further spread the vision of HWPL, and to also to lead my nation on a path that brings peace and prosperity.

I have a dream. I plan to become a diplomat and take my masters and doctorate. Also, I will work for Street children and I'm going to make an NGO.

As a volunteer at IPYG, I will travel to many provinces in Afghanistan or any other part of the world and spread out the message of Chairman Lee. And I will convince people to join to HWPL. Also, I will have signing campaign to support the declaration of peace and cessation of wars at schools and have support from my parents too.

I would love to send a message by saying a famous poem by Persian poet Hafiz : “Plant the tree of friendship that bears fruit of fulfillment/Uproot the sapling of enmity that bears endless suffering” You should never lose hope for a better future as we Afghans showed to the world.

 From Jamshid Ayubi

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The message of love to IPYG Youth from Praveen Roy, the principal of HWPL Peace Academy!

MAY 2016

India’s Samsara The World Academy was designated as a HWPL Peace Academy during the HWPL Chairman’s visit last December. This achievement would not have been possible if it wasn't for the principal, Mrs. Praveen Roy, who decided to participate in this movement for peace. Mrs. Praveen Roy is leading the global education in Delhi and Noida of India and is actively participating in the HWPL peace education to ignite peace in the hearts of the students.


Cambridge dictionary describes the word 'Peace' to be a state of tranquility, harmony and absence of violence. I often ask my students what sort of world they would like to live in. Every time I have asked this question I have always got the most positive and beautiful reply that they would want to live in a peaceful and happy world. And if we'd ask ourselves this question, I am sure each one of us will have the same answer to live in a happy and pleasant world.

Then why do we have terrorism, violence, oppression and disturbance? What is the need of war which defile our Mother Earth, our environment and our very being?

Peace can be classified into two– Inner peace and outer peace. For the outer peace to prevail it is very important that we are at peace with ourselves. We always waste ourselves in trying to control others. Can we really control others without controlling ourselves? We have to win ourselves over in order to be able to win the world. We need to control our senses, our greed, our vices, our temptations, our egos and build a strong foundation of love, compassion, knowledge, empathy and sense of being the global citizens.

Indian philosophy, tradition and scriptures have shown us the way out of this turbulence within and without. Yoga and the science of meditation take us to the higher reaches of self-realization wherein we become an ocean of love and the negative emotions do not come anywhere close to our aura. An individual who is full of love has nothing else to share with the world but love. A happy and self-aware person is the outcome of meditation or ‘Dhyana’ in Hindi (native language of India). Meditation transcends one to a higher plane where we begin to enjoy the process of life, we begin to spread joy, love, compassion and treat everyone as one of our kinds.

When I was a young student, my Christian teachers of the convent school always quoted the Bible and said treat thy neighbors as thy self. At that naive age, I only understood the literal meaning but now I realize the beauty behind this noble thought. A very simple practice of treating others as you would treat yourself, would bring peace in this world and what a beautiful and happy place would this planet turn out to be. Peace is not to be limited to humans, we must encompass all flora and fauna in it. After all the animals and plants inhabited this earth before the humans. They deserve to be treated with equal love and compassion.

Dear friends, let us introspect and ask ourselves what sort of world would we like to live in. If we wish to live in a happy and peaceful world then we need to work towards achieving internal peace which would eventually bring in external peace. Our future generations deserve to live in a happy place. We at Samsara The World Academy, India try our best to churn out young students into peace loving and caring citizens of the world and collaborating with IPYG is a humble step in this direction. Together with IPYG we would love to make a difference in ensuring that the peace prevails.


Mrs. Praveen Roy


Samsara The World Academy

Greater Noida, India




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New members of JUNE

JUN 2017

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: IVCA , Road Experience

• Thailand  / IVCA

Our international volunteer group IVCA does educational awareness activities incorporating peace to our children in Thailand. We believe our group can support IPYG to build a stronger connection and we can be one of the representatives for IPYG in Thailand.

• Thailand  / Road Experience

Promoting and building peace is very important, especially to support the countries that are affected by violent conflict around the world.  Therefore, we would like to help IPYG spreading peace activities to our area.

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New members of APRIL

APR 2017

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Youth peace Ministries, Help for Afghan Heroes(H4AH), Fontaine Isoko, Innovative Orion , WASH Sierra Leon

• Rwanda / Youth peace Ministries

It is valuable contribution to the  members of YPM to affiliate in order to strengthen peace in the world through helping IPYG's activities of peace in different manners of ways and also this partnership is going help in establishing unit and peace among Rwandan Youth everywhere.

Thank you God bless you

• Rwanda / Help for Afghan Heroes(H4AH)

Greeting from H4AH to YPYG Magazine readers: Living in all over the world without any violence and war. It is every individual responsibility to take part in paving the way of comfort and peace. It is irritant to hear the voice of victims, but it is more delighted to hear the voice of Pigeon which is flying and spreading out the freedom so that lets come together to generate peaceful environment for living safety in all over the World.

• Burundi / Fontaine Isoko

• Nepal / Innovative Orion 

Greetings to all valuable members of IPYG. The present world wants peace. A single person may contribute in building peace but for the sustainable peace we need to go together joining hand in hands. We hope that the self connection and understanding among people is a must for peace and it can  created only through communications: i.e peace rallies, peace talks and activities like drawing, painting, making peace speech, games, singing and dancing. The work of IPYG - bringing different organizations working for the same goals together is praiseworthy. We are very glad to be a partner of IPYG and hope for a better and peaceful global society with happiness and prosperity. The continuous support and inspiration from IPYG, it's members and Gyu Ri Lee cannot be expressed in a sentence and hope the same support and inspiration will continue in the days to come. Sending lot of mountain energy and positive vibes from the country of Himalayas. Be Happy.


• Sierra Leon / WASH Sierra Leon

I’ve been interested in the peace work of HWPL, especially the Peace Walk which was very impressive.

To achieve peace, everything must be collaborated together and it would not be possible alone. All of the mechanisms should be mobilized and we must cooperate together both nationally and internationally.

Our desire for peace must be spread to the whole world so that the voice of peace would be able to dominate the world.

It is a great pleasure to work with IPYG.

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New members of MARCH

MAR 2017

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Kafka Welfare Organization, International Center For Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue, ECOWAS Y-Council, Triumphant Youth Organization Kaduna, Somos CaPAZes and Ibdaa Youth Group


• Pakistan / Kafka Welfare Organization

Greetings from Kafka Welfare Organization (KWO) collaborating with IPYG is a great opportunity and we are hopeful to fully cooperate.

We hope to bring positive change in community jointly. We also believe in peace and conflict resolution.




Armenia / International Center For Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue

Warm greetings from Armenia!

I am very happy for this opportunity of getting in touch with you and for many opportunities that will surely appear, that we can combine our efforts for achieving peace in the world.  And I am very happy that we really start from the peace inside of us, and sharing with each other, and this is the real basis that we can build on Peace for others.



Nigeria / ECOWAS Y-Council

I am happy to let you know that the leadership of ECOWAS Youth Council is very much appreciative and glad about the international peace youth group 1 affiliation in other to strengthen peace and good security in all manners of ways in the world and Africa by extension. It is to show our readiness to work with you all to bring peace into Africa and make her a better place for all to live. This will help and strengthen a strong movement which will embrace peace at all times and also advocate for peace in all urban and rural areas of Africa and the world by extension.



Nigeria / Triumphant Youth Organization Kaduna

My first impression, When i had about IPYG, the first thing I did was going through there activities via internet and communication through a Bona-fide Member IPYG Mr Aminu Maipampo, which I feel impressed on the role playing by the IPYG in the world and enlightening youth on Peace.


Colombia / Somos CaPAZes



Syria / Ibdaa Youth Group


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New members of FEBRUARY

FEB 2017


The Board of trustees, Management members and staff of the Justice, Peace and Reconciliation movement (JPRM) Nigeria, are very delighted to become part of the IPYG, this is because we share the same vision of making the world a better place through the achievement of peace and cessation of war.

Nigeria is one of the Nations of the World that have over the years suffered as a result of violent conflicts of all sorts arising from injustices, governance issues, resource sharing and control. Recently the issue of violent extremism and terrorism by the Boko Haram members became a source of worry and concern to the entire Nation. The devastating effect of the insurgency and other violent conflicts led to the deaths of thousands of Nigerians, displacement of millions of Nigerians and as well as million losing their means of livelihood.

Therefore, the call for the citizen of the whole world to support the cessation of war and declaration of peace is not only important but urgent. The members of JPRM support this call and we are ready to add our voices to that of the World in this move.

We need the World where women and young people will rise up to these challenges and make our voices heard. Many thanks to IPYG for the great move to bring the world together for peace “Peace is the Gate way to a better World”


• Iraq / Debate 4 Peace

In the event of conflict and hatred that is happening in many places around the world, peace building and promotion became a necessity and that's what I hope to help with through working with IPYG by encouraging debate and fruitful discussion to embrace our differences and to have a better peaceful tomorrow.


• India / Aapka Times

Greetings IPYG and the whole world! We are honoured to be associated with you people, our motto is to capture the campus news across the world and show what campus life is like . Ranging from politics to the finer things in life we cover them all. With IPYG we are hoping to make this world and especially the student's sphere of life more peaceful and secure. Let's join hands and make this world a better place.


• India / Reaching Sky Foundation

We’re much happy to associate with IPYG family. We appreciate that initial talks with IPYG and HWPL who are working peace all across the globe.  Similarly, here in India many people have been the victims.

It is very unfortunate that we are fighting each other with huge loss of lives and livelihood and also there are too many destruction continuously. Even though we are describing peace differently among the people, we all want peace.

We need to realize that how much our future generations are going to suffer because of conflict and violence and war. We sure that we have huge responsibilities to create the peace in the world as a youth. we have the potential abilities to change the world and also we desire to achieve peace with big hope and big actions. As being a change makers, we will face lots of challenges and courage but we need to realize that we are blessed with humanly power of love and compassion. Therefore, we should never stop.

We promise to support peace activities here in India through distinct characteristic. We want for you to remember that you are awesome, and the world will appreciate the value for you by doing peace activities.


• Georgia / Guardians of Ecology

During my working in environmental topics, I’ve already experienced about conflicts in environmental issues. Many people think there are no choice without conflict to solve problems. Finally most of them have the worst results and they start thinking about their mistakes. 

It's time to realize our mistakes on time and start solving different environmental problems. I'm ready to continue working on environmental and conflict topics with other motivated young people. It's time to have World Peace in Environmental issues. 

"No Conflicts, No Environment Problems!" 

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