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Commencing forth from Washington DC and Los Angeles (the city of angels), the call for peace is spreading all over America

JUN 2017

Youthful Spirit to Prevent Violent Extremism


On May 20, 2017, the youths of major cities throughout the United States conducted a pre-event [Declaration of World Peace 4-Year Anniversary, Cessation of War Peace Walk]. The theme of this 4-year anniversary event was ‘Talk & Walk to Prevent Violent Extremism.’

In the United States where the headquarters of the UN have been established for peace and security for all families, civil society organizations and young adults are actively promoting DPCW of HWPL in order for the DPCW to be developed into an international legally binding document.

With Washington DC and Los Angeles being the starting points, about 1000 people from seven regions (including San Francisco, Seattle, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon) demonstrated being one in heart for peace in this Declaration of World Peace 4-Year Anniversary event.


In Los Angeles, a scene of earnest aspiration for peace was displayed through participants who chorused in unison, “Help Us Achieve Peace!”, “That’s What We Are Here For! Peace!” Even drivers who passed by honked their horns cheerfully in support, as if they were waiting for this parade of peace.

In order for this wave of peace to spread even farther, Mata advertised this fulfillment for peace event everywhere he could, even uploading it regularly on Facebook. He urged for the active participation of civil society organizations for the development of the DPCW into an international legally binding law. Additionally, Mata even expressed his own passion regarding his own participation.

For citizens to participate easily in peace activities in Westchester Lagoon Park in Anchorage, Alaska, various culture experience booths such as taking photos with Korean and Alaskan Native American dolls, tasting Korean cuisine, face painting, and posting messages of peace on the map of Alaska were held.


Citizens of Alaska participating in peace walk event

At the Red Square in University of Washington, Seattle, an ‘Understanding Extremism’ booth was set up to discuss participants’ beliefs and values, which proved to be an opportunity for participants to understand the kind of actions that result from their beliefs. As a result, participants were able to realize the necessity of transformation of thought through dialogue and communication in order for a respected peaceful future that values coexistence to fulfill.


Citizens participating in the 'Understanding Extremism' booth

Participants gathered in celebration of the 4-year anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace in Washington D.C., the capital city of the United States. The participants carried out this peace walk in front of the Capitol Building and its district with handmade peace signs. Participant T'Chaka Sapp, Constituent Servicer for Ward 8 Washington, DC, Deputy Director, expressed his gratitude for being invited to this event, and heavily emphasized the importance of peace in the community that he is in. As a former gang member, who worked on gang conflict resolution, he felt more connected with the work we are going to do and have done. As a personnel who has had previous experience in this type of work, T'Chaka Sapp stated that he has many expectations regarding this peace work, and is happy to be working together with HWPL and IPYG, who are working to resolve the root cause of war.

The Peace Walks for the 4th Anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace that were hosted in various parts of the United States serve as the evidence that the American society desires to take part in the hopeful waves of peace, as it also yearns to ban wars and armed conflicts that threaten to achievement of world peace and cessation of war, which is the wish of all humanity.

Today in 2017, as the Declaration of World Peace that was proclaimed in 2013 is spreading out to the whole world, many are paying great attention to the American youth in the United States where the UN headquarters is in moving forward to achieve world peace.


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Youth leadership & Peace

MAY 2017

Make Young Way

Saibaan is an organization in Pakistan working for the regional development and equal and sustainable development for all people. The organization recently organized the Youth Leadership & Peace Development Program for the development of peace and strengthening youth’s sovereignty and leadership. The program was held with the understanding that a good mindset and leadership are crucial for the youth, who are the future, to live in a better world.

The program was held for five days with 20 students aged 14 to 17. The program offered five lectures, which were all led by the CEO of Saibaan, Mr. Sahibzada Jawad Alfaizi. After the lectures, the participants had discussions and presentations on what they felt. In particular, the last day’s lecture was “Make Young Way,” which was prepared with the IPYG to illustrate why the youth need to carry out peace activities. The session included explanations on the sovereignty of youth and the sacrifices they make in wars. Those who joined the program hoped for peace even more and they were motivated to actively work for peace. The students who completed the program received graduation certificates and those who prepared the program hope that the youth who participated will grow into great leaders who lead the effort to achieve peace knowing its importance.

 Mr. Alfaizi, who supervised the program, said the students participated with much enthusiasm and that the lectures will continue in the future to help shape the mindset of youth regarding the value of peace. Saibaan will continue to instill the importance of peace to the Pakistan youth through these opportunities. The organization believes that ultimately, these activities of youth will come together to make the world a peaceful place.


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School of India, “The flower of peace has blossomed.”

MAY 2017

The students of India who are putting peace into action, after learning about peace in an IPYG peace lecture

After receiving a very profound peace lecture during the months of April-May, the HWPL peace academy of India spread a culture of peace to the entire region of India.

The starting point of HWPL peace education was this special lecture, and it was an opportunity for students to understand the concept of peace and personally experience the necessity of peace. The events began with a special performance that the students had prepared, followed by a lecture on “Why are the activities of HWPL and the IPYG needed in this fulfillment of peace?” The purpose of this lecture was to inform the students of the severity of war, the meaning of peace, and the need for peace.


Indian Heights School

Peace lectures began on April 11th, starting at Indian Heights School. Ms. Anchal Sharma, the peace education leader who attended this day, touched the hearts of all participants of the event by expressing, “I once again felt the importance of peace in our lives and will participate in many activities with the IPYG. I realize that my role as a peace education leader is very important and I am confident that if I make the effort and work with the IPYG, we can establish a world of peace.”

Kaushalya World School

Following this, special peace lectures were also held at Kaushalya World School on April 17th. The participants of this event praised the fact that the event was carried out in good order, and that many attractions were also provided.

In the closing statement of the event, peace education leading lecturer Ms. Anjali Mittal concluded, “HWPL has become a model of peace by spreading peace work in such a short period of time, and it is truly impressive and deserves to be acknowledged. It is a great honor for Kaushalya World School to become a peace academy, and I am anticipating how it will contribute in fulfilling peace through a constructive way for the remainder of this year.”

Samsara, The World Academy

On April 21, a special peace lecture was also held at Samsara, World Academy. On this day, an 8th grade student who attended the special lecture surprised all of the participants by stating, “I have come to realize that peace should not be only fulfilled physically, but peace should also be fulfilled mentally. We must prohibit all kinds of violence, and we must not allow ourselves to just stand by and watch violence happen, not even trying to stop it. Through this seminar, I was able to realize the true meaning of peace.”

Savitri Bai Phule Balika Inter College

The special peace lecture commenced once again in Savitri Bai Phule Balika Inter College, and this time, a peace walk took place after the lecture. The blistering 40-degree weather did not put a damper on the passion these participants had in regards to peace. After the event, peace education leading lecturer Ms. Neelanjana Chakravorty aspired, “HWPL and the IPYG reminded my students and me of how peace needs to be taught. As a peace education lecturer, I will continue to carry out peace activities.”

Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi

On April 26th, a special peace lecture was held specifically for college students at Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi. The president of Lakshmibai College, Ms. Pratyush Vatsala expressed, “I believe that this kind of peace lecture should be targeted at an audience of college students first. It is needed even more in this era where war, conflicts, and structural violence exist. Thank you for allowing us to think about peace.” The students who attended the event on this day signed up for the IPYG and expressed their intention to cooperate altogether.


Hamdard Public School

On May 3rd, about 500 students participated in the special lecture at Hamdard Public School. President of Hamdard Public School, Mr. Zubair Ahmed Khan sent forth a message of peace by saying, “I am delighted to have a peace lecture held at our school. Because of the sincerity of Chairman Lee, our school has become one with the peace academy of HWPL, and today is the day where we have learned about peace and have become messengers of peace. The youth are the ones who can bring about change and put peace into action, and achieving world peace is our mission for this generation.” The special peace lecture on this day was concluded by various performances and a peace walk, and the hearts of those who prepared this event to express peace drew the focus of many people.

Fortune World School

In the event held at Fortune World School on May 4th, peace education leading lecturer Ms. Mansi Sharma stated, “Through this event, our view has broadened. We have learned that these peace activities should not only be spread within our country (India) and to other specific regions, but it must be spread out to every country. In addition, in order to maintain peace all around the world, we who are living on this earth must work altogether.” This peace lecture has provided an opportunity for the participants to change their perception of peace.


Jaypee Public School (Green)

In the event held on May 6th in Jaypee Public School (Green), a student who participated expressed, “I am so happy and thankful to have participated in this event. I have made the determination to put in all my effort for peace, and have realized that peace is very critical for us, and that through it, we will be able to cease wars. First, through this peace education, I myself have to make the effort to become a person of peace.” In this event, the parents of the students participated as well, creating a very fruitful peace lecture.


Modern School Noida

On May 10th, a peace lecture was held at Modern School of Noida. On this day, about 500 students participated and a special performance also drew the attention of many participants. Diverse performances of songs and dances were prepared, and this was a time where many hearts were touched by the preparation of this peace lecture. President of Modern School Noida, Mr. Neeraj Awasthy, stated, “We have the heart to fulfill peace. Peace is the only path that can spread harmony all over the world.”

There were a total of 9 schools in India that hosted peace lectures, and about 2,065 students and school officials participated. Many schools in India participated in these peace lectures and have become one in heart. These events surprised many people, and as a result, have become the opportunity for many organizations and schools to feel motivated to work together with the IPYG.

All HWPL peace academies are in the process of preparing peace education due to these events, and have expressed their intention to continue cooperating with HWPL peace education and the activities of the IPYG so that the students, the leaders of the future, will become messengers of peace.

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The Wind of Peace in the Philippines: Peace Journalism Seminar

APR 2017

Messengers of Peace: Mission of Journalists

On March 3, 2017, a peace journalism seminar was held with the students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila.

The peace journalism seminar was recently conducted to introduce the issue of peace journalism to the students of Broadcast Communications in Polytechnic University, which raised awareness of the fact that the media focuses mainly on war instead of peace. The peace journalism seminar, attended by about 50 students, was a time to wake up to the importance of the role of the press and journalists in achieving peace.

Edna Bernabe who led this seminar talked about the importance of peace and the mission of journalists for peace. She also said that Mr. Man Hee Lee, the chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), was a veteran of the Korean War and that’s why he has walked the path for peace through HWPL. After the lecture, students discussed the topics: war journalism, peace journalism, and the role of journalists.

Edna Bernabe, president of the Polytechnic University, said that students did not have a class in the field of peace journalism, but HWPL Peace Seminar gave them an opportunity to think about peace journalism and the mission of journalists.

Mark Angelo, one of the students, said that it was a time to broaden their horizons about journalism and to realize that the press had a mission to focus more on the possibility of peace and the efforts for peace rather than the outcome of war.

With this event, the Students' Union of Broadcast and Communications in Polytechnic University promised to have continuous cooperation with HWPL. Through subsequent activities, we hope that students of Broadcast and Communications in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who dream of being a journalist will be messengers of peace and leaders who will lead peace in the future!

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Nepalese students’ shout for peace spreads to the world.

APR 2017

A Peace Rally: To commemorate the proclamation of the DPCW and to deliver the message of peace to society

This peace rally was planned to impress upon Nepalese students the need for peace, not only in Nepal but also around the world, in order to deliver the message of peace to society and have them support the DPCW, the law of peace, by commemorating the day the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was proclaimed, the 14th of March 2016. The event began with the introduction of IPYG, HWPL and the DPCW. Afterward, select students gave speeches about the reason the DPCW is needed in Nepal and the world. Last but not least, all of the participants had time to put peace into action by shouting slogans altogether and holding a peace parade.

The peace rally concluded smoothly thanks to Dol Raj Pandey, the principal of Srijana Higher Secondary School, who knew the importance and value of peace and has been studying solutions by experiencing it continuously. He was actively involved in the Red Cross campaign to provide psychosocial support for victims of disasters and was educated in conflict management. While he wanted to bring positive change to individuals and society through peace establishment, Mr. Sri Ram Timilsin, chief executive officer of Innovative Orion, told him about HWPL and IPYG, who were actively working in the field of peace work, as well as the DPCW, just in time. Subsequently, the principal asked to hold the event at his school.

The event was co-hosted by Innovative Orion and Srijana Higher Secondary School and began at 3:14 pm, the same time the DPCW was proclaimed last year, lasting for about an hour and a half. About 350 students, principals and teachers actively participated in the peace activities in the auditorium of Srijana in Pokhara.

In this event the need for the convention of peace was emphasized so that peace can be protected and maintained not only in the whole world but also in Nepal, just as a country needs a law to be maintained, also provisions and contents of the DPCW, the convention of peace, was introduced and people had time to think about how to apply it in Nepal. After the event, many students and teachers learned about how the peace activities are being carried out around the world, leading students to want to know more about the international peace law. Until now, students were not fully aware of their rights but they now realized that although it is clearly stated in the Constitution, they are not implemented enough. They expressed a strong desire to participate in various peace movements as members of the global village.

It was the first time to host an event with IPYG and 'Innovative Orion'. Everything was so well prepared and every member of I.O who gave a hand in this event worked with the heart of volunteering. The CEO of 'Innovative Orion', Mr. Sri, said "Currently we are planning various activities with IPYG such as Peace Talk and Peace Club and so on”. He also showed strong aspirations for all the schools in Pokhara to participate with IPYG peace work in the near future. We are expecting to hear and see more fruitful activities with this new passionate youth NGO in Nepal!

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Indian students, “Starting with me, I will be an ambassador of peace.”

APR 2017

Indian Heights School participated actively in supporting the DPCW with signatures after IPYG's peace lecture.

Indian Heights School, HWPL Peace Academy held a peace lecture for its students on April 11, 2017. The event was the starting point of HWPL Peace education and an opportunity to understand the concept of peace and realize its necessity. The peace lecture started with a mime and songs that focus on peace. This was followed by the peace lecture about the seriousness of war, the meaning of peace and its necessity, the peace activities of HWPL and IPYG to achieve world peace and why these activies are needed.

About 140 students and 10 teachers attended this event and 17 students performed the opening ceremony. This opening ceremony consisted of an Indian traditional performance and made the event more joyful. Moreover, all of the participants in the event signed to legislate peace gathering their hearts to introduce the DPCW to the UN.

"I reflected upon the importance of peace in our lives and decided to have many activities cooperating with IPYG. I felt it is precious to fulfill my role as a peace education teacher and I can say with confidence that we can make a peaceful world if we try to go for peace with IPYG", says Ms. Anchal Sharma, a peace education teacher. Also, Lakshya and Hooda, students of Indian Heights School, touched the hearts of all attendants by sharing their impressions of the event saying, "I am fortunate to get to know IPYG which is a good organization working to spread peace throughout the world. I am going to deliver the peace message to my friends and society."

India displays superiority in art, culture, expressiveness, and self-directed learning. Also, India has the cultural traits that express one’s thoughts freely and in various ways. This event was a great platform to incorporate these features of India, and more useful programs are expected to develop in India through this event.

After this event held by Indian Heights School, they are preparing HWPL peace education for their school, and they also want to cooperate constantly by implementing peace education and having peace activities with HWPL and IPYG.

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1st Peace Carnival Opens in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

APR 2017

Festival of Harmony in a Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Cultural, and Multi-Faith Nation

On March 25, 2017, the 1st Peace Carnival was held at Taman Merdeka in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The carnival was organized by HWPL, Johor Bahru City Council, and the HWPL Advocacy Committee in Johor Bahru (Johor Peace Committee). One of the highlights of the event was a multi-ethnic performance, which created an atmosphere of harmony among different ethnicities. Prior to the event, the HWPL Advocacy Committee (Johor Peace Committee) was established in Johor Bahru. While the members had been holding peace events on a small scale, they organized a multi-ethnic peace carnival in order to introduce HWPL, IPYG, and their peace movement to more citizens.

The youth members’ cooperation with Cosmopoint College Johor Bahru showed their earnest hope for harmony. From the early stage of preparation, they had regular meetings and voluntarily prepared goody bags for the participants and a flash mob performance. Ms. LathaKanan Haridass, who is Centre Manager of Cosmopoint College Johor Bahru, said she could get involved more actively, seeing youths working together and advocating peace voluntarily. The Peace Carnival was attended by more than 650 students and citizens, and was especially graced by the presence of Crown Prince Idris Iskandar of Johor State and Tuan Haji A. Rahim bin Haji Nin, the mayor of Johor Bahru City. The event was concluded with a peace walk joined by all participants.

The Peace Carnival was a good example of cooperation between the city government, royal family, youths, and citizens to promote peace together. When all sectors of society work together as one, their voice will be heard by more people. Peace activities will continue so that people not only in Johor Bahru but the entire Malaysia will call for peace.

Johor Peace Committee and the IPYG will continue to cooperate with youth organizations and universities in peace initiatives and advocacy for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

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Songs of Peace Touch Juba

MAR 2017

IPYG V-Peace Concert

The IPYG V-Peace Concert was held on 25 February at Juba, South Sudan, to put into practice article 10 of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, “Spreading a Culture of Peace,” in the form of music that people feel close to. The event was prepared as a culture of peace event for the people of South Sudan to come together to share the values of peace and the pains of war.

To make the concert more than a simple opportunity to enjoy music, the event was held with the theme of “Our Voice Calls Forth Peace.” For people to actively voice their yearning for peace, a booth for people to sign their support for the declaration was established during the concert. The event went on for three hours from one p.m. to four p.m., and the concert consisted of dances, plays, and songs related to peace. In particular, the Peace Maker, a local singer, sang the IPYG’s song of peace titled, “The World of Peace,” conveying the message that we should work not for money but for humanity like the light, rain, and air to make the world a peaceful place.

The IPYG concert served as an opportunity for the South Sudanese youth to realize that the culture of peace they need to spread involves showing how much they love peace and making known the answer to achieve peace.

The staff and performers that prepared the peace concert showed great passion for learning about HWPL, the IPYG, and the declaration. They said that their dream is to make the declaration’s 10 articles and 38 clauses into a song so that everyone would be able to know and support the declaration.

Along with over 300 people that came to the concert, members of Anataban, an organization carrying out various activities to spread the culture of peace in the area, and two local media companies attended the event. After listening to the explanation on the declaration, they also signed their support for the declaration.

When asked what was the most memorable part of the event, most answered that it was finding out about how youth of the world are playing a crucial role in their respective countries for peace through the work of HWPL.

One of the youth attendees, Sunge Emmanuel, said, “At a time when it’s not easy to even mention ‘peace,’ I’m glad to receive the courage to openly speak about peace through the concert as a youth.”

He also expressed his determination saying that, “I want to make my country (South Sudan) a better place just like youth in the world cooperating with the IPYG are doing for their countries.”

Meanwhile, those who prepared the event with the IPYG plan to hold the second V-Peace Concert in November with better performances and programs to make the culture of peace sweep over South Sudan once again.

JubaHub and Emmanuel, who helped with the preparation, have been putting the work of peace as a top priority despite their busy schedules and difficult circumstances. The IPYG believes that their heart, courage and their sincerity for peace will surely bring about positive changes in South Sudan.

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Launching the Peace Sports Club: A Peaceful Future for Ethiopian Children

MAR 2017

IPYG Heroes Peace Sport Campaign

On the 18th of February, there was a debut event for the Peace Sports Club for Ethiopian students from South regional state government in the capital city Hawassa in Ethiopia.

This Sport Club Inauguration Ceremony is part of IPYG Heroes Peace Sport Campaign. IPYG Heroes are a youth volunteer activity which began with the hope that the youth could be the heroes of peace in their regions and countries by creating a peace culture to their communities. The beginning of this activity was will to be led by ‘Gato Development Association’ of youth, as IPYG Heroes, in the sport campaign in Ethiopia. Mr. Alemayehu Menta, the General Manager of Gato Development Association, who was in charge of this activity, also cooperated with IPYG when preparing the ‘Peace Marathon’ in 2016.  

IPYG Peace Sport Club, which was began in Ethiopia, provided Ethiopia children with the opportunity to participate in sport activity and offered them the spirit of peace. Mr. Alemayehu Menta mentioned that this Peace Sport Program can help educate Ethiopia children and students about the necessity of peace and raise sociality by learning how to cooperate with each other. Furthermore, it made them feel that achieving peace in the community is near, not too far away.

In this Inauguration Ceremony, about one hundred parents and citizens of Hawassa attended, and about fifty students signed up to join the Peace Sport Club. Moreover, we promoted IPYG and informed the parents of the necessity of the DPCW to leave peace as a legacy to their children.  

This sport club is not a temporary event, but is going to be held subsequently in Addis Ababa, Omoro, and Hawassa from now on. We strongly expect that this event will be the leading force of peace in Ethiopia.

With the help of Gato Development Association and the IPYG Heroes in Ethiopia, we hope that many more of the youth will join this club so that they can grow as future leaders who will lead towards peace.

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South African Youth Take Action to Achieve Peace

MAR 2017

Cape Town, a Piece of World Peace

On 23 February, the South African branch of the IPYG and Africa Unite hosted a joint event. The purpose of the event was to introduce the values of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) and to instill in the youth a sense of responsibility for community safety.

The event was attended by about 70 people, including Mzwakhe Nqavashe, Councillor of the Western Cape; Katie Trippe, an intern at Africa Unite; and Yared Tsegay, Senior Research & Monitoring Specialist of African Monitor. Out of love for peace and youth, the participants discussed ways to promote the sustainable development and peace in South Africa. Also, the DPCW and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations were introduced.

Moreover, the South African branch of the IPYG and Africa Unite are planning to offer activities for cultivating values of coexistence, harmony, sharing, and respect in citizens and to raise the public’s awareness of peace through “DPCW Article 10 Spreading a Culture of Peace” education so that such culture takes root in the community of Cape Town.

During the following dialogue, there was an opinion that if problems are solved in the community, which is the basic unit of society, then sustainable peace is possible. The participants all agreed that peace can be achieved if individuals and organizations make efforts for peace.

South Africa ranked 126th on the Global Peace Index (2016) out of 162 countries, and is one of the regions with many conflicts. If the youth, who account for 46 percent of the population of South Africa, change their perceptions about peace, it will help reducing regional conflicts. 

The IPYG and Africa Unite will continue to cooperate and encourage the youth of Cape Town to actively advocate peace in hopes of ending the culture of violence in Cape Town and creating a piece of global peace.

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