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Movie Night in Dili

FEB 2017

Crying Out for PEACE In The Center of Timor-Leste 

Timor-Leste (East Timor) is one of the youngest and the first independent country in the 21st century, gaining its independence in 2002. Being a young country, there is not enough infrastructures and because of this the word “movie” is not a common one. One of the participants in the Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay, also known as the Director of Youth For Peace (YFP), saw this as an opportunity and suggested an idea called “Movie Night” to share the news of peace through movies.

On January 26, 2017, an IPYG member and a participant in the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva, also known as the Director of the East Timor NGO Forum (under FONGTIL), hosted the “Movie Night in Dili” in the FONGTIL conference room. Hosting it in Dili, the capital city of Timor-Leste, many youth members gathered to watch. It was about the achievement of HWPL. The youth had a time to communicate with each other about peace.

The event started with an introduction of the DPCW which was translated into Tetum by Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva. The first Movie Night's video was about the peace activities that were hosted by HWPL and IPYG. It encouraged the youth and helped them understand the DPCW. This was an opportunity for the youth to receive an actual answer on how to achieve peace. Following was a discussion time where the youth had a chance to talk about how to have a better election culture. It was to help the young nation have a clean and good participation in the election for peace and the development of the country.

After the whole event, IPYG had an interview with the participants and many said this type of peace event would have a great impact in spreading the word of peace and agreed to come together in one voice in supporting HWPL peace activities. It was a meaningful time for them as activities of the youth towards peace election is important.

In this event, a total of 60 members from the youth, media and NGO leaders of Timor-Leste gathered. After the event, TVTL, a national broadcast, televised the interview of Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva and a Radio Station, Lorico, aired the news of peace.

Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva, who hosted the event, said he is planning to meet the minister of justice and give him the plans for the DPCW. Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay, who gave this great peace activity plan, is going to continue this event to spread the importance of peace with general movies.

For all the hard work we would like to give our thanks to Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva, Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay and Mr. Manuel Simeao.

Below is a part of the interview from Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva.


Q. What was the goal for today’s event?

- It was to share and encourage the NGO’s and the youth members in Timor-Leste.


Q. Do you think this peace event can be hosted in other places in Timor-Leste?

- Yes, I do. Peace is needed for the people in Timor-Leste. As some may know, Timor-Leste experienced occupation by Indonesia for a long period of time. This event means opportunities for Timor-Leste to create a special culture of peace.


Q. Are you ready to fully support HWPL peace activities?

- Of course I am. That is why I am hosting this event today and will continue to support HWPL worldwide peace events, especially in Timor-Leste.


Q. How did you feel attending the peace event today?

- I was impressed when the participants were concentrating on the DPCW video. I felt that they wanted to be part of this peace. This was important for me and Timor-Leste because the participants are members of Timorese society. They can continuously encourage the society and awaken the people about peace effectively.


- Arsenio Pereira da Silva, FONGTIL, Director


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Youths Cycling for Peace

FEB 2017

45-Minute Cycling on the Street with Peace-Loving Nepali Youths

A cycling event was organized to introduce the spirit of peace and the values, vision, and purpose of the IPYG and HWPL to participants as well as Nepali citizens, and to promote the DPCW and muster support. The event gathered the youth to motivate them to move towards peace like the way they cycle, shared the values and vision of the IPYG and HWPL, and engage the participants to promote and advocate the DPCW together. 

The event took place on Saturday, 28 January, from 9:00 to 10:10 (70 minutes total, 45 minutes of cycling). A total of 89 participants, including community leaders and youths, gathered near Hallan Chowk Lakeside in Pokhara with hopes for global peace.

Prior to the event, a course was arranged for cycling, thanks to the cooperation of the social services department of the region. The related officials participated in the cycling event and learned about the peace activities of the IPYG and HWPL. After the event, the officials thanked the IPYG and We Can Group, a Nepali organization that organized the event, for inviting them to such a meaningful event and expressed their willingness to attend similar peace events in the future.

Although many had applied to participate in the cycling event, due to the limited number of bicycles that could be rented, a total of 89 people could participate, including the head of the social security department of Pokhara, a CEO, and journalists for a local daily newspaper. They cycled 45 kilometers for 45 minutes. After the event, the community leaders in different walks of life agreed to work with the host organization to encourage and promote such peace events.

As a member of the IPYG, We Can Group is planning various events based on the DPCW. Through peace essay contests, IPYG peace talk, and school peace clubs, We Can Group will spread the culture of peace of the IPYG and HWPL and draw attention to the key role that the youth play in changing the society and achieving peace. In the long term, the organization plans to foster peace leaders.

The head of We Can Group said he could realize that many youths and citizens are hoping for peace through this event. He also said he is glad to share the vision, goal, and values of the IPYG with them and hopes more people will take part in the future peace programs.

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Peace Art Contest Held in Different Countries

JAN 2017

The International Peace Youth Group have youths working to prevent war and leave peace as an inheritance for future generations. This is done by planting the mindset and importance of peace into other youths and children through educational activities. From the many activities, the peace art contest that received much attention and love from the children around the world will be introduced.


The cultural education program for adolescents is an important foundation through which the youths grow in virtue. Through various cultural experience activities, youths develop deep cultural values and principles. Regrettably, many children around the world are not provided with the same opportunity to receive an education, which is due to the restraints in nations with frequent war or nations that do not provide fundamental education. Still, everyone has the right to enjoy peace. Therefore, IPYG planned a peace art event for the youths, who are our future, to instill the importance and the heart of the desire for peace. The IPYG peace art contest was held with the purpose to discover the capability of the future of our world, the children. Let us take a look at this.


  • War-Trodden Uganda Draws the Hope of Peace 

2016 December 1 / Uganda / Nwoys Anaka Primary School

In the district of Nwoya, a large-scale event was attended by 1600 people. Uganda has a history of frequent war, so the citizens yearn for peace more than any other nations. That is why ‘death, kidnap, rape, violation of human rights, the restriction of media and expression of innocent citizens from war’ is what the children of Uganda first thought of when asked about peace. However, the innocent Ugandan children momentarily forgot about the dark and painful war through dancing together to the music composed by a Ugandan composer, and they were impressed during the time of signing in support of the DPCW.



  • The Innocent Hearts of Children That Cannot Be Bought

2017 January 13 / Nepal / Kalika Secondary School, Nepal Kailali District

The principal of Gurukul Academy, Sunita Suri, hosted this event because she believed that drawing pictures is the best method for children, who transcend race, language, gender, and age, to express their creativity. In Nepal, there is a course called CEA (Creativity Expressions and Art) that organizes artistic activities such as drawing. This particular event was special because the peace art contest conveyed the children's views of peace. The students of Nepal illustrated peace as school, children, doves, helping people with disabilities, and coexisting. They expressed peace as a simple yet beautiful world where people help each other. The participants mentioned that when everyone described their drawings, unlike the intention of the artist, it was fun to see how the all drawings were viewed differently.


  • Youths of Egypt Hope to Become More Familiar with Peace Than Violence

2016 December 18 / Egypt / Ensan Aid Foundation

 The youths of Egypt gathered under the theme of world peace and coexistence. Youths who participated in this event had a chance to earnestly contemplate about the importance of the cessation of war and world peace. Also, they sincerely felt the need to host this workshop more often to save the youths from war and spread the peace culture all over Egypt. Dr. Mahmoud Abdelwahab Elsaman hosted this event because it was uncommon for the youths in Qena to gather under the theme of peace and coexistence so, he wanted to spread the importance of peace to the youths. Furthermore, endless efforts to provide an opportunity in education will be made so that as the decision makers of the future, the youths will be correctly educated on violence, the importance of peace and contribute in achieving world peace.


  • Becoming One in Peace, Thailand’s Peace Art Contest

2017 January 6 / Thailand / Unified Learning Center (ULC) & Kuraburi Learning Center (KLC)

  An IPYG & FED Peace Art Contest was held in Thailand. There were various contests held before but a peace themed art contest was a first. At the start of the contest, the children viewed it as a simple drawing event so they had little expectations. However, the children became more interested as they imagined peace and drew doves, nature, earth, people holding hands and becoming one. A sculpture drawing was held in Thailand and as the pieces were combined it completed a big picture. Just like this, when the people of peace gather it will achieve a world of peace. Saw Mu Doh, the Education Program Assistant Coordinator of Foundation for Education and Development, hopes that cultural activities similar to this will soon deliver peace to the society of Myanmar and Thailand.

A child who participated in the peace drawing said it was fun to see how other people interpreted his drawing. Like this, the image of peace may be different for everyone. One can say that in order to achieve peace there needs to be fights, war, and death. However, peace in the childrens drawings portrayed the actual peace we desire which is not war and death but coexistence and life. Peace is achieved through love and respect, not harm. We were able to relate to the peace we truly desire through the childrens drawings. Furthermore, to achieve peace in the world as the innocent children portrayed, we need to fulfill our duties for peace.


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IPYG 2016

DEC 2016

International Peace Youth Group’s Non-stop Work for Peace

 In 2016, the IPYG has worked with about 200 affiliate organizations. Together, they have driven cooperative activities that are categorized into the five areas above. Among them, efforts to advocate the DPCW have been most active. Since the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee was created on 15 March, events and seminars have been held to collect signatures in support of the DPCW and provide training for advocacy. 

Next, there is the Peace Walk. It is an event that the IPYG members like the most, and the walk exhibits the youth’s identity well. As previous years, the Peace Walk was held again this year, and over 30,000 young people around the world walked all for one common goal, world peace.

Also, the IPYG has made efforts in the field of education by holding various essay and drawing contests on the topic of peace and by designating Peace Academies. Education professionals and experts have engaged in youth and children’s education projects so that the world’s future leaders receive proper education, contribute to the society, and enjoy a legacy of peace.

 Seeing young people in different parts of the world working with youth groups as well as political and community leaders to host meetings and events, it seems clear that the youth will bring the world much closer to peace. In the year 2017, the IPYG is determined to continue with its innovative peace initiatives and contribute to building a peaceful world.

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Advocacy Forum Held in Palestine; Leaders of 5 Sectors Gathered

NOV 2016

A meeting to discuss actions plans for developing the DPCW into legally binding form

 The DPCW, which was proclaimed with the active support of the distinguished international law experts and civil society, has brought numerous advocacy movements in order to develop the declaration into an international legal foundation for peace throughout the world. The 2nd Annual Commemoration of World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit has triggered global cooperation and Palestine is no exception.

Social representatives including politicians, leaders of civil society, women organizations, and media gathered together to support peace at the advocacy meeting for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) on 31 October at Palestinian Agricultural Relief Building, Al-Ma'ahed in Ramallah, Palestine.

While the world, and especially the Middle Eastern nations, is full of grievances and fury due to the armed violence perpetrated by terrorists, peace is needed the most in Palestine since it has gone through wars for decades. The aim of the advocacy meeting held in Ramallah, the capital of Palestine, was to discuss how the leaders promote and support the declaration effectively, in a way that fits the situation in the country. Large discussions during the meeting encouraged a lot of attendance from the participants.

The speech of Dr. Cho, the Middle East Regional Manager of HWPL about the importance of DPCW to achieve peace in the region, followed by 3 folksongs of peace, started the meeting. While many leaders from each sector presented their opinions about the declaration, Dr. Mutaz M. Qafisheh, the dean of the law department of Hebron University, said, “The declaration is a great initiative and it is indeed the right time to have such a vital instrument added to the already existing international law.”

The highlight of the meeting was deep discussion among Palestinian leaders which drew specified plans. Most importantly, all the leaders recognized that everyone in the forum has to sign the declaration first. The ideas presented were as follows: holding forums in different cities and villages to reach all corners of Palestinians; introducing the declaration through intensive media such as TV and radios; and running educational programs in universities. After the discussion, there was a video message of Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL with the theme of global efforts for peacebuilding. The signature campaign for the declaration ensued as an action of support and all the participants affirmed their firm hearts for peace during the closing.

 After the forum, there were inspirational remarks from the leaders of youth organizations. Mr. Muharram Barghouthi, General Director of the Palestinian Youth Union said, “The most interesting was the variety of the attendance in addition to the rich suggestions and discussion to have cooperative work in order to achieve peace. We will continue in contact with different association and we suggest to hold other forums like this one in different part of Northern and Southern parts."

Ms. Dalia Jadallah, member of the Asayel Dance Group who took part in the meeting with 40 signatures from the youth of the group said, "As young people who still study in universities and schools, the most useful thing we can do is to spread the declaration in universities and Schools through educational and non-educational activities. Also we hope to promote it to other Palestinian folklore dancing groups. If the 2nd meeting will be held, we would be very grateful to participate."

Also Mr. Naseef Muallem, the Director General of the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy said, "I was happy when I saw all while signing on the charter, all of them were happy, I signed it as well. I think we, the Palestinian should be active in gathering as much as many signatures to reach the one million signatures to be presented the United Nation. Finally, I would like to thank all who have made this event a success." He emphasized that Palestinians themselves need to combine their efforts for this initiative.

 As a beginning of this forum, the DPCW will be spread in grand-scale to all corners of Palestine to get one million signatures by encouraging collaboration between each organization and actualizing the ideas discussed during the forum. Palestine will demonstrate its honor as a nation of peace when every Palestinian including the youth and women know the DPCW and awaken to peace.

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Advocacy Forum for the DPCW Marks the Beginning of the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit

OCT 2016

Advocacy Forum: Youth Raise Their Voice for World Peace!

The WARP Summit 2016 began with the Advocacy Forum for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War which brought together heads of state, heads of UN-affiliated agencies and organizations, and representatives of civic organizations to discuss effective strategies and practical plans of action. The Advocacy Forum for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War was held to achieve two objectives. The first was to raise awareness and interest in the DPCW among intergovernmental organizations, governments, and the public. And the second was to urge each sector to support and contribute to the implementation of the DPCW.

During the first part of the forum, HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee and IWPG Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim delivered keynote speeches. Chairman Lee emphasized, “Leaders must lead their people, and they must take the lead in making a better world. If we do this work, it will be accomplished. But if we refuse to work, it will never be achieved.” Also Ms. Kim said “We must achieve our purpose, the advocacy for this Declaration, to not repeat the atrocities of war for the next generation.”

While the main speakers spoke about the potentiality of the DPCW, the distinguished panels representing CSOs, NGOs, governments, youth and women’s organizations discussed what measures and efforts can be made to develop the DPCW. 

Among speakers of the forum, youth representatives also delivered speeches that conveyed important messages. Ms. Ediola Pashollari, Secretary General of the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), said in her speech, “We also believe that in order for everyone to contribute to the DPCW, the community must provide the necessary means for educating the young people in practical skills, social and spiritual values. At the same time, to achieve this, young people must also be at the forefront of efforts to promote value towards attaining of peace and justice.”

Mr. Dyego Soares, President of AIESEC Switzerland, stated that "leadership is the fundamental solution, and engaging more youth into this topic and providing space for cross countering understanding can give us the chance to connect all on the same page and unite all the same objectives.” 

Moreover, Mr. Ratanak Ou, Generals Campaigns to End Violence Against Women (UNiTE), said, “I want to call on IGO, governments, and other actors to take urgent measures to support young people as actors in preventing and transforming conflict, countering violent extremism and building peace by an alliance of the UN, international organizations, and governments.”

Mr. Richard Francis Apeh, International Secretary General of International Young Catholic Student stated that “each religious leader should keep their moral and respect one another.” Also, he said that we shouldn’t rest in peace, but live in peace.


The Advocacy Forum for the DPCW at the WARP Summit 2016 has its significance as it offered a detailed discussion on plans of peace making through international law based on the DPCW. The next step will be how the participants of this summit, acting as messengers of peace work together for the development of peace for our future.

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Legislate Peace Campaign in Nepal

JUL 2016

Nawalparasi, Nepal,
Legislate Peace Campaign in Nepal

Endurance and restless efforts of 22-year-old youth

Legislate Peace Campaign have lasted for about 7 days from the 14th of June to the 24th of June in 9 higher secondary schools in Nawalparasi, Nepal. More than 3,300 students, teachers and principals recognized the necessity of the implementation of international law on cessation of war and signed in support of the DPCW.

Below is an excerpt from the interview with Anup Neupane, the founder of Social Service Action Organization Nepal.

Q. Could you introduce yourself?

A. I am Anup Neupane. I am a resident of Sunwal-3, Nawalparasi, Nepal. I have a father, a mother and, a brother who studies at Grade 9.  I am passionate and strong-willed youth for world peace. I am interested in social works and pleased to meet and work with the IPYG and HWPL for the brighter future.

Q. Could you introduce your organization, SSAO?

A. My organization is Social Service Action Organization Nepal (SSAO Nepal). I am a founder and a chairman of SSAON Nepal. It was established in 2015 aiming to work in children, youth, peace and environment for positive sustainable development. We organized ‘Legislate Peace Campaign’ and collected more than 3300 signatures during a week for supporting the Declaration of peace and cessation of war.

Q. What is your post-action plan for peace activity?

A. First of all, I would like to thank Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL and Chairwoman Kim of IWPG, being an inspiration to all youth throughout the world. I'd like to carry out the mission of urging the public for implementation the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of war. Then, I will promote the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War in Nepal and will collect over 5000 signatures.

We hope more people could cooperate with SSAO for national, global peace. 


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Dhaka of Bangladesh supports hand in hand for realization of peace

JUL 2016

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka of Bangladesh supports hand in hand for realization of peace

The leading faces of our future call upon the world to implement the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War in one voice


On the 2nd, 3rd, and 10th of May 2016, for three days, four schools of Dhaka in Bangladesh, Shamsul Hoque Khan School & College (SHKSC), Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah College (DMRC), Siddheswari Girl’s High School (SGHS), and BaddaAlatunnessa Higher Secondary School (BAHSC), hosted signing campaigns in support of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. 
About 9,000 people, including students, teachers, school principals, scholars, and regional politicians, have participated in the signing campaigns with Dhaka branch of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee at the center, which consists of IPYG's youth representatives and HWPL's publicity ambassadors.


Although it rained hard on first day of the event, their genuine shout for peace did not seem to stop in the midst of South Asia's hot and exhausting summer. HWPL’s publicity ambassador MD Zakir Hossain welcomed the participants of the event through his opening address, and Brahmanda Pratap Barua Ripon, a member of Dhaka branch of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee, recited a letter from Chairman Lee of HWPL, written for the family of peace in the world, in Bangla. All the students and participants solemnly listened to Chairman Lee's suggestions concerning the realization of world peace through implementing the international law on peace and cessation of war and deeply perceived the necessity of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

Furthermore, Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah, the head of Dakha branch of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Peace Committee and the principal of SHKSC, suggested that all participants be the witness of HWPL's peace activities and become the messengers of peace just like Chairman Lee had previously stated. Following Dr. Mollah’s lead, all the participants shouted, "we want peace! we love peace!" Everyone’s heart was filled with hope of realizing of peace.

These signing campaigns were broadcasted twice through Zahidul Islam, HWPL’s publicity ambassador and an executive producer of state-run media Bangladesh TV(BTV) and also through a number of other regional press. Broadcasting of the event brought an opportunity to bring people’s attention to HWPL's peace activities and to the realizing peace through the means of international law on cessation of war. 

Dhaka branch of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee is having meetings with government officials in the related field and legal experts to promote the DPCW and is planning on having continuous Legislate Peace Campaigns in universities of Bangladesh including Dhaka University, one of the top universities in Bangladesh.  

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The Peace March in Ethiopia

JUL 2016

Ethiopia, Hawassa

The Peace March in Ethiopia

The peace march program for supporting world peace at southern Ethiopia capital of Hawassa

June 29th, 2016, the grand scale of peace march program, a program to support HWPL and IPYG’s peace work and to receive signatures for Declaration of World Peace and Cessation of War, was held in Hawassa, the central city of Southern Ethiopia.

This event, which consisted of around 5,000 Ethiopian participants, was significant because different group of people such as political, religious, youth, and in other fields, who want peace in Hawassa had taken part in it.
We were able to show how many people in Hawassa desire for peace and their love toward humanity through this event.
Following is an interview with the president of Gato Development Association of ETHIOPIA, AlemayehuMenta who planned and made this event cooperative with regional organizations.

Q. What can be done to make people participate, so that many people can take part in the peace event in Ethiopia?

A. We definitely can make many people participate in the peace events in Ethiopia. I could organize public sporting events and have many newsletters published to address the aims of the peace events as better ways for many people to take part in the events of peace in Ethiopia. We also used local media like radio, TV program as the tools to promote the peace events widely and to motivate people in Ethiopia.
Working together with governmental organization, NGOs, religious institutions, and community leaders, we encouraged many people to participate in the events of peace in Ethiopia.

Q. what do you think is the driving force of activity for peace in Ethiopia?

A. I think the driving force of activity for peace in Ethiopia are the capacity building training for different people on peace, awareness creation training on conflict prevention, and the mediation for many young groups in different region of Ethiopia. And, better ways of reinforcing peace activities could also include cultural festival fashion show program and peace walk campaign program. 

Q. What are the activities you want to do with IPYG in the future?

A. I want to work with IPYG especially through the activities listed below: peace seminars, cultural community services, peace walk campaigns, experiences sharing programs among different regions, and organizing capacity building trainings on peace. 

Q. Do you have any messages to give to other IPYG members all around world?  

A. My message for all members of IPYG all around the world is that, I believe, peace is the foundation of life on earth. If you imagine the world without peace, the lives of peace cannot exist. Therefore, young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be the key agents for development and peace. If, however, they are left on the margins of societies, all of us will be impoverished. Let us answer that all young people have every opportunity to participate fully in the lives of their society. Our cumulative change is the way to fee the future generation from war in the world.

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Peace Walk Takes Place Simultaneously in Three Places

JUN 2016

Davao, Philippines

Peace Walk Takes Place Simultaneously in Three Places

Youth and women together call for peace at universities and in the streets


On 2 June, the Peace Walk was held in the Philippines. It was to commemorate the third anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace, which was proclaimed by Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, a global peace organization. The 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk took place on 25 May in Seoul, South Korea, and then in 52 countries including the US and Germany. In the Philippines, the event was held in three places, by the Madrasah in Davao City, Tarlac State University, and Maguindanao Women for Peace and Development Organization.

At Tarlac State University, about 500 students participated in the Peace Walk, led by Rita Pulmano, who was appointed as head of the Philippines branch of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee, and Leslie Orencia, the dean of the College of Law. Tarlac State University emphasized that without peace, students’ dreams and future cannot be guaranteed and that supporting the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) is truly a work for achieving peace.

Also in Maguindanao, Maguindanao Women for Peace and Development Organization led the Peace Walk along with about 1,000 citizens of Buluan. Members of Maguindanao Women for Peace and Development Organization are actively working as the Philippines branch of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee, which was launched on 15 April. One hall inside their women’s center was assigned as the Peace Advocacy Hall, and the members are working to let the community know the importance of peace. Bai Jennah Lumawan, the president, delivered the signatures in support of DPCW that the organization has collected, which showed their active participation in this advocacy movement.

About 300 students of the Madrasah in Davao City took part in the Peace Walk as well. Aleem Sulaiman Piang, the chief secretary of the Madrasah program, said, “HWPL and Madrasah in Davao City are pursuing a common goal—peace. We will continue to cooperate with HWPL in the peace work.” He also explained that the Madrasah in Davao City will do its part as an HWPL Peace Academy and educate students so that they can grow up into peace lovers. 

Since the DPCW was proclaimed in March, youth and women around the world have been working as members of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee and are carrying out signature campaigns in support of the DPCW, said one official of HWPL. In just three months, thousands of supporting signatures have gathered, and the advocacy movement is expected to gain momentum. There is much attention towards the peace movement led by HWPL.

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