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International Relations Coordinator of the International Vision University

JUN 2016

Ms. Elanur Loç , Macedonia

International Relations Coordinator of the International Vision University  


Q. What is the difference between HWPL and the other peace organizations?

A. HWPL is a peace organization which encourages the whole world to sign the peace declaration and we are proud that the organization gave us a chance to know about them and encouraged our students to support this activity with their signatures. HWPL is an organization which motivates the leaders and youth to be engaged in sustainable and comprehensive solutions for peace. HWPL takes into consideration the youth and women as the main victims in wars and gives them privileges to show their own supports for peace with their activities.

Q. What motivation made you organize the annual event for the 25th of May and what do you think about future steps of this event?

A. Recently we have been facing many conflicts occurring around the world. So, it is time for the whole world to make the wars stop. We think that this plan of action will be very effective for making the world’s voice heard. So, this point of view was our biggest motivation. We hope that in the future our institution and your peace organization, we are going to agree together on many successful projects in order to make our students much more aware about peace and brotherhood.

Q. Are there any favors to all youth of the globe, heads of state, or decision makers for world peace?

A. We think that the young generations and the global leaders can always be positively attracted by these kinds of organizations.

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Moldova, Interview with International Law Professor

MAY 2016

Dr. Doina Cuciurca

The Peace Message of Dr. Doina, the international law professor who is working for the bright future of Moldova

Dr. Doina Cuciurca is an international law professor at the Moldova State University and is also a member of the HWPL Peace Advisory Council. After being inspired by the speeches of the HWPL Chairman and the IWPG Chairwoman at the 1st Annual Commemoration of the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit held in 2015, she began a peace club at the university and is receiving the respect and support from many students. Let us hear the peace message of Professor Doina Cuciurca.

Q. What made you to cooperate with HWPL& IPYG? What kind of mindset and heart do you have as a person who leads the youth, and peace advisory council?

A. When I first heard about HWPL, I realized that HWPL is the essential organization not only to Moldova but also to the whole world. I was determined to work with HWPL since it has the definite answer for achieving peace. As I am a law professional and professor who teaches students, I received very clear information that HWPL is the answer for peace. HWPL aims to transcend differences in culture, gender, religion and nationality by engaging leaders and youths in sustainable and comprehensive approach to peace.

Also the life that grows on the earth is sustained from above - by light, by the rain, and by the air they provide unconditionally to all living beings. I also want to leave peace to future generation just like how Chairman Lee wishes to.

Therefore, I organize and run the peace circle in Moldova State University to spread this peaceful mind through students.


Q. What is your definition of Chairman Lee?

A. Since I was young, as I heard a lot from my grandfather about war and conflicts between countries, the peace movement of HWPL was interesting and impressive. Especially, as Chairman Lee was a Korean War veteran himself, he knows the cruelty devastation of war. Despite his 86 years of age, he is trying hard to achieve world peace to leave a peaceful world without wars and conflicts.

When I first met Chairman Lee at the 1st annual commemoration of WARP Summit, I was very surprised. His sincere passion towards achieving peace captivated people’s heart and made them united in one.

I am a non-religious person, but as a person who has learned philosophy, I agree that religion plays an important role in the world where we live, and also when Chairman Lee emphasizes on its importance, I can understand and truly feel that it is the message for achieving peace.

Moreover, I understand why he is insisting the two answers of peace: Enactment of International Law and Alliance of Religion. As like Chairman Lee’s message, let us all join together in this peace movement with HWPL and him.


Q. Give youth an advice what could be a role for students for Implementation of International Convention?

A. Firstly, we need to let youth know how important their role is for achieving peace. As Chairman Lee told us, I hope all youth around the world gather together for achieving peace into reality. Then all heads of state will be touched by youth's peace activities and urges for implementation of International Convention. It will make the world change, and especially when the victims of war are little kids.

I am only hoping for us to provide a better world for them to live in.


Q. Please give youth about Peace message in whole world.

A. As Chairman Lee is the father of all youth who loves them wholeheartedly, my hope is that the youth to be touched by his peace messages so that we can work for Cessation of war and World Peace together.


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Georgia, HWPL Peace Academy

MAY 2016

HWPL Peace Academy, the most beautiful work that will leave peace as a legacy for the future generations, has been established in Georgia!

Aia-Gess is Georgian-English-Spanish international school in Georgia and they are actively participating in international exchange program to let students share their ideas and broaden experience. Aia-Gess made HWPL Peace Academy MOU on 21st March and designated as a first HWPL Peace Academy in Georgia. Both of students and teachers are looking forward to joining in peace movement and ready to spread peace education to schools in Georgia. Aia-Gess students will have Flash Mob and Peace Wall Painting in school and they also decided to join supporting the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

On 18th, March at Aia-Gess, to hear more detailed how they feel and what is the plan for peace academy, we had an interview with Director Ms. Rusudan Bolkvadze. Director Bolkvadze greeted us with a big pleasure and she kindly answered to questions.

Q. How do you feel as a first peace academy in Georgia?

A. It’s pleasure to be a member of peace academy in Georgia we do love the project that IPYG is working on. We are glad to have a chance to take part in international peace movement.


Q. How do you think about peace in Georgia and HWPL, IPYG peace movement?

A. In Georgia, many politicians mention and discuss about peace issue, and we have tried several times to cross the border between Georgia and Aphkazia, but it was failed. To achieve peace in the world, we should know what is happening in the world, not only in my country. Through international peace organization like HWPL and IPYG, we hope that many people can know what’s happening in Georgia these days and I believe that peace organization can help in this way.


Q.  What do you look forward to cooperation with HWPL?

A. Recently we are carrying out peace movement in our school, but we would like to broad this peace activity not only in our school, but also other schools in Georgia and in the world where the peace academy has established. We would like to share and broad our idea to other peace academies. It can be international exchange program. When the peace academy in another country has a chance to visit Georgia and have peace exchange program with us, they are invited and we will support though not fully. We are ready to support any peace project and open to hear idea of HWPL and IPYG.

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We Are One through Peace Relay Greetings

AUG 2017

IPYG Peace Family Transcends Borderlines, Race, and Religion to Spread the Message of Peace to the World


The IPYG started the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ with the goal of answering the question of how peace could be delivered to distant countries worldwide. In May 2017, the Horus Foundation for Development and Training in Egypt was the first organization to participate, and this campaign is currently active in approximately 20 countries.


May 2017, Egypt, Morocco, Horus Foundation for Development and Training

June 2017, Egypt, Lebanon, Ensan Aid Foundation 

Peace messages were sent from Egypt to Morocco and Lebanon, and from Colombia to Morocco. These peace messages were delivered to the organizations working alongside the IPYG in Morocco and Lebanon, and additional messages are now being prepared to be sent to different countries.


May 2017, the IPYG in Korea - May 2017, Colombia, Fundacion Colombia Joven - June 2017 Australia, Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development international  - June 2017, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Future Hope  - July 2016 Syria, Al Jazour Society Training

Throughout May, June, and July of 2017, peace messages were delivered utilizing this relay method.


Mr. Tharwat Gaid Salama, the President of the Horus Foundation for Development and Training, was the first to participate in this campaign and remarked, “This is a simple but unforgettable method to be able to send a heartfelt message of peace to Morocco. I am very glad for the opportunity to participate in IPYG’s campaign, and I look forward to the many peace activities that we will do with the IPYG”.

Through IPYG’s ‘We Love Relay Campaign’, it became possible to deliver the message of peace to VIPs of different countries and develop a network with various peace organizations. Furthermore, two workshops focusing on youth independence and DPCW support were started through this campaign. This resulted in the gathering of approximately 1,000 signatures for the support of DPCW within three months.

The IPYG successfully conveyed the heart of peace to youth in different countries through the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ and demonstrated that spreading the culture of peace internationally is possible if we gather our efforts together as one. Furthermore, the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ allowed youth around the world the opportunity to learn about and understand each other although having never met. 


In each of the 20 countries participating in the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’, the youth are actively joining and supporting this movement. To further publicize the work of peace to the entire world, the IPYG plans to gather photos with peace messages for a campaign video.

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Peace starts from me

JUN 2017

Youth is the owner of peace


Country between Asia and Oceania, celebrated this special day slightly earlier than any other country on May 13th.

Although Timor-Leste officially became independent from Indonesia in 2002, peace still feels far from reality for Timorese who continuously struggled with conflicts big and small even after becoming independent. This year, the Timorese youth continue to shout “Dame” (meaning peace in Tetum) on behalf of peace that is yet to be completely established in their nation.

The annual Peace Walk commemorating the Declaration of World Peace took place for the third time this year in Timor-Leste. Over 200 people gathered for this event and walked a 3km route from the hall of HAK Association (Farol) in downtown Dili to the Secretary state of Youth and Sports. For the duration of the event, from 9am to 3pm, the need for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to be implemented as international law in order to achieve true peace and the urge for citizens to support and participate to achieve it was emphasized in addition to the Peace Walk commemorating the Declaration of World Peace.

Furthermore, the voices of the youth longing for peace sounded to the Timorese through various cultural performances such as creating peace messages with handprints and reciting songs and poems with messages of peace.


The performances the Timorese youth prepared with genuine hearts of peace particularly set apart this event from other Peace Walks commemorating the 4th anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace. The Timorese youth scripted and dramatized a play first-hand. This play, based on the history of Timor-Leste during the Indonesian occupation, artistically expressed the sacrifice of youth and children in war and left moral instructions to cease war. In addition, the heads of youth groups singing the words of the Declaration of World Peace as a song was unseen in previous events and was sufficient in moving the hearts of the Timorese.

At the event, Mr. Prezado, the President of the Radio Society who attended as a speaker, shared his ambition to improve the youth’s education on peace through this event and expressed his determination to host a peace event with the youth of West Timor. Mr. Arsenio, another speaker who was a participant of the 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit and is the Director of FONGTIL, emphasized that the youth are the victims of war and his presentation stating that achieving peace is the key to resolve all wars captivated the audience.


Mr. David Tomas De Deus, Youth Program director of the Secretary State of Youth and Sports, and Dr. Antero Benedito da Silva from the Institute of Peace and Conflicts Studies in UNTL, and various eminent representatives attended the event as guest speakers and graced the event with their presence. Director Ricardo Valente of TL-YFP shared that he realized through this passionate event that he is a peace messenger and that peace begins with him. Furthermore, he shared a message with the attendees that I myself must first put in effort for peace.

Mr. Reynato, who participated from the start of planning for this event, shared in his interview that this event was the greatest experience of his life and expressed his desire to continue to work together to spread world peace.

Four newspaper companies such as STL, Jornal Independent, Timor Post, and Dili Weakly covered this event and reported to all regions of Timor-Leste. Mr. Isac, Mr. Jonato, Mr. Reynato, Mr. Ezequiel, and Mr. Michael, the five event team organizers, expressed that they would like to hold the Peace Walk as an annual event to celebrate the announcement of the Declaration of World Peace. We look forward to another peace movement in Timor-Leste.

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Peace sports festival

MAY 2017

Peace is built through sports

Trust for Community Development wanted to hold a sporting event for the low-income children in Pakistan where they can experience and build peace by becoming one with each other through sports. As they wished, on April 16th, TCD held a peace sports festival at Aga Khan Gymkhana in Karachi with the support of Mr. Sardar Mohammad Buksh Khan Meher, the Minister of Sports in Sindh.

At this festival, about 100 low-income children competed against each other in various sporting events such as American football, 100m race, volleyball and more. The staff members of TCD and students wore the IPYG

T-shirts that they themselves made and volunteered at the event to make sure that every sporting event went well. At the end of all the events, the invited guests that attended on this day awarded prizes to the winners and commended them on their efforts.

This festival emphasized how important it is for the teenagers to have a healthy body and mind through sports rather than to depend on drugs. Also, as they cooperated with each other to win in the games, an atmosphere of peace was created. The children that participated in this festival said that they could feel peace and freedom during the events and hoped to live in a place where they can always enjoy freedom and peace. After the event was over, the members of TCD presented IPYG T-shirts as a gift to the students who volunteered at the event, and said they are planning various activities where the youth can build peace in their region.

The IPYG will continue to make efforts with TCD to bring peace to Karachi, Pakistan by informing many youth and low-income people about the importance of peace and encouraging them to participate in the peace network.


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Youth Leaders Discuss the Future in Hungary

MAY 2017

Hungarian Youth Speak Forum 2017, Budapest

The Hungarian Youth Speak Forum 2017 was hosted by AEISEC in Budapest, Hungary Friday, May 5, 2017. The Youth Speak Forum focused on youth and youth leadership. Currently, youth take up over 50% of the global population. That makes today's generation of youth the largest one in history. As AIESEC explained in the program, developing youth leaders today not only allows us to impact the world together, but unlocks the enormous potential for building a better future for all. The Forum was based on discussions, outcomes and studies from the Global Youth Speak Forum and AIESEC Youth Action Summit which were held earlier.

The first part of the program featured keynote speeches. A variety of speakers presented ways for reimagining solutions to global challenges and how they strive for reducing inequalities. IPYG presented the peace activities it runs as a global youth group and their vision moving towards an equal society. IPYG's keynote was well received by an attentive and interested audience. The keynote session was followed by 90-minute workshops that offered participants a chance to learn more deeply about a specific topic and to take pragmatic approaches exploring actionable ideas to design projects.

One of the workshops was dedicated to IPYG's program, which highlighted the importance and necessity of peace education. Participants of the workshop discussed ways to implement peace education at schools in Hungary.

While presenting the outcomes at the end of the workshop, one university student argued that children must be the primary target of peace education, and a carefully designed curriculum must be offered for higher grades including university level afterwards.

The final part of the program was a panel session titled ACTION SPACE with be-novative where four to six panelists directly engaged with the audience. Participants had brainstorming and discussions to generate forward-thinking solutions to specific "how" questions, refining new approaches to global challenges such as inequality, social welfare, female rights, and education inequality. By materializing concrete ideas, the Forum concluded.

Ms. Annamária Horváth, the head of AIESEC Hungary, remarked, "It was a great pleasure to be part of this forum, and it was amazing to see that everything presented and contributed by IPYG was about peace."

IPYG was able to listen to various opinions and take part in the youth discourse in Hungary through the Hungarian Youth Speak Forum 2017. IPYG will continue the global youth interaction, and it looks forward to working together for peace with a wider youth community.

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Discussion on Peace and Volunteerism in Malaysia

APR 2017

The Voice of the Youth Can Change Society

Saturday, April 8 2017, Global Youth Peace Forum Johor 2017 commenced at the Sutera Mall Library in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The event was organized by Sithi Global Johor, partnered by the Malaysian Indian Youth Council (MIYC) and Malaysian New Community Development and Awareness Association (MYCOM) along with international collaborators, IPYG, YUVSATTA and GPYF. Sithi Globla Johor, the organizer of the event, is an organization working with the vision, ‘Creating Our Children’s Future’ to improve the quality of life of Indian Malaysians in Malaysian society. One of the partners of the forum and IPYG affiliates, MIYC’s Chairman, Pathama Seelan Subramaniam, invited IPYG to take part in Global Youth Peace Forum Johor 2017 as a partner. Two staff members of IPYG participated in the forum. The forum had two sessions of panel discussion; How Peace Can be Achieved Theoretically and Practically, and Volunteering for Peace. Participants from IPYG explained peace through the concept of heavenly culture with international legal instruments and harmony among religions as the means to establish peace, and they argued that a concrete measure to bring all stakeholders together is needed to make it a reality.

The forum also raised topics that challenged participants to think about why volunteerism is necessary, and why volunteers volunteer and for what. The discussion session also noted the importance of volunteering towards peace-building.

At the end of the session, IPYG introduced its mission and vision. As the forum closed, the IPYG delegation was awarded a prize for Best Speaker that went to the participant with active and exemplary participation. After the forum, Mr. Sivaramu Mariappan, the head of Sith Global Johor, said that he hoped youth participants would voluntarily lead on ways to channel their energy to change our society. Mr. Satish Krishnan, the head of MYCOM, talked about the significance of the forum saying that we need more events like Global Youth Peace Forum Johor 2017 because it is the youth that will lead the future and that their voice and their stories must be heard more.

The forum was a chance to hear from Malaysia’s youth, and it showed how important it is to let the voice of the youth be heard for building a better future. Even with the older generation’s presence, it is the youth that will eventually lead society, and the opinions of the youth must be reflected in society’s direction.

We look forward to seeing more and more places in Malaysia that channel the voice of the youth and bring them as one to build a Malaysia of true harmony and peace.


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Lets know about Peace

MAR 2017

The peace of youth has begun in Delhi

On 15 January 2017, an event titled “Let’s Know Each Other” was co-hosted by Reaching Sky Foundation and the IPYG. This event, which took place in Lodhi Garden in Delhi, India, consisted of a cultural exchange program and various games to raise awareness about peace among the youth and explore different ways to achieve peace in their everyday lives.

The program “Let’s Know Each Other” was joined by college students between the ages of 18 and 25 who have interest in peace and social issues, and was a collaboration between Reaching Sky Foundation and the IPYG. This program heightened the awareness of peace among the youth in Delhi and moved them one step closer to peace through various peace activities.

The participants were able to understand each other more through various games, and they said this event served as an opportunity to realize that peace, which once seemed unfamiliar and distant to them, can be put into practice in their daily lives. One youth said that this program was meaningful in that he had a chance to think about the importance of peace.

In addition, Reaching Sky Foundation expressed their willingness to continue cultural exchange programs with the IPYG. They also showed their determination to enhance awareness of peace in India’s youth and to participate in advocacy efforts in support of the DPCW, which has the answer for achieving peace.

The IPYG will continue to make ceaseless efforts to unite all the youth of India under the banner of peace, end all wars and achieve world peace through joint projects with Reaching Sky Foundation, which aims to enhance the capability of the youth and develop life skills among the youth.

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The Flower of Arte Moris Blooms Peace Again

MAR 2017

Peace blossoms by the Hands of Children

Last month the 25th of February was a special day in Timor-Leste, especially for Dili.

Arte Moris, the first art school and cultural center and the Artist Association held their 14th anniversary celebration ceremony.

Arte Moris has a vision to work and support the youth to develop their creativity and artistic sense. In 2003, Arte Moris was recognized for the work of inspiring people to exercise freedom of expression and was awarded the United Nations Human Rights prize.

For this anniversary event, Arte Moris invited at least 200 local NGO officials, 6 schools and artists from Dili. The event was held for 4 days from February 22th to 25th.

On the first day, the students held a contest called Art & Nature.  During the following and 3rd day of the event, there was a time to select the winner’s work and then exhibit the work.  Also, as an art group many art exhibitions and acoustic music performances, which attracted attention of the participants, were held.

On the last day, the children had time to color in a frame about peace collaborating with IPYG. They were very happy and learned about peace by expressing it through various colors.

After that, the founder and director of Arte Moris, Mr. Julianto Pereira (Iliwatu) share about the DPCW with the participants. Through this presentation, all of the participants agreed to support this peace work.  Illiwatu also, shared with us that despite having to wait in a long line to sign his support for the DPCW, the participants all signed with a smile.

As one of the peace maker in Timor-Leste, Illiwatu said he would continue to support and work together with IPYG to spread peace in Timor-Leste.  We look forward to Arte Moris' next move to promote the special heavenly culture to the Timorese youth and citizens to heal their psychological and social wounds from a history of violence due to colonization.



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