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Peace sports festival

MAY 2017

Peace is built through sports

Trust for Community Development wanted to hold a sporting event for the low-income children in Pakistan where they can experience and build peace by becoming one with each other through sports. As they wished, on April 16th, TCD held a peace sports festival at Aga Khan Gymkhana in Karachi with the support of Mr. Sardar Mohammad Buksh Khan Meher, the Minister of Sports in Sindh.

At this festival, about 100 low-income children competed against each other in various sporting events such as American football, 100m race, volleyball and more. The staff members of TCD and students wore the IPYG

T-shirts that they themselves made and volunteered at the event to make sure that every sporting event went well. At the end of all the events, the invited guests that attended on this day awarded prizes to the winners and commended them on their efforts.

This festival emphasized how important it is for the teenagers to have a healthy body and mind through sports rather than to depend on drugs. Also, as they cooperated with each other to win in the games, an atmosphere of peace was created. The children that participated in this festival said that they could feel peace and freedom during the events and hoped to live in a place where they can always enjoy freedom and peace. After the event was over, the members of TCD presented IPYG T-shirts as a gift to the students who volunteered at the event, and said they are planning various activities where the youth can build peace in their region.

The IPYG will continue to make efforts with TCD to bring peace to Karachi, Pakistan by informing many youth and low-income people about the importance of peace and encouraging them to participate in the peace network.


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