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“Understanding the dynamics of conflict is the best way of learning how to create a more peaceful society.”

MAY 2017

A letter from a Peace Messenger of France

The International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) is a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It has worked with many Catholic students in activities concerning peace and social issues. Below is the message of peace from Edouard Pihewa Karoue, International President of the IMCS.

Today, IMCS is made up of around 3,000,000 Catholic students who reflect upon social issues, using Catholic social teaching. IMCS believes that the spirit of openness for friendship with our diverse society is the only way to build a peaceful world where one can care for people and their dignity.

If there is something I have to say, it is to let all of us realize that peace is not an autonomous reality. When we talk about a real peace, we talk about solidarity, human dignity, social justice, equality, respect of human rights, intercultural (faith) dialogue, tolerance, etc. Peace doesn’t come from the quantity of speeches for peace that we make. It comes from the care we have for every human being.

Understanding the dynamics of conflict is the best way of learning how to create a more peaceful society. I am sure that a life of simplicity, respect, truth, justice, love and forgiveness are the central keys to building peace.

We should realizing that “goods” and “cultural differences” (including religion) are two key elements that animate conflicts. These elements should help us to complete an examination of conscience every day. I’m convinced that each one of us has to make a supplementary effort to create a more peaceful community where we live. Being peaceful is not “being silent in order not to offend others”. It is more to challenge ourselves to meet, understand, and learn from others and welcome them and their realities without judging them. It is also a challenging task for us all to look for the common good in all of our small actions and improve our values of sharing.

The younger generations have a central role to play in this because the older generations are already departing. They can build a new society by sharing all the good human values by being lights within their families and friends. I will not invite my fellow young people to build peace. I invite all of us (myself included) to be just, truthful, in solidarity with and welcome to others.

Edouard Pihewa KAROUE

International Movement of Catholic Students

The sincere letter of Edouard Pihewa Karoue ignites peace in the hearts of the IPYG youths. This year, the IPYG will communicate closely with French youth and work together for the better tomorrow as future decision-makers.

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