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School of India, “The flower of peace has blossomed.”

MAY 2017

The students of India who are putting peace into action, after learning about peace in an IPYG peace lecture

After receiving a very profound peace lecture during the months of April-May, the HWPL peace academy of India spread a culture of peace to the entire region of India.

The starting point of HWPL peace education was this special lecture, and it was an opportunity for students to understand the concept of peace and personally experience the necessity of peace. The events began with a special performance that the students had prepared, followed by a lecture on “Why are the activities of HWPL and the IPYG needed in this fulfillment of peace?” The purpose of this lecture was to inform the students of the severity of war, the meaning of peace, and the need for peace.


Indian Heights School

Peace lectures began on April 11th, starting at Indian Heights School. Ms. Anchal Sharma, the peace education leader who attended this day, touched the hearts of all participants of the event by expressing, “I once again felt the importance of peace in our lives and will participate in many activities with the IPYG. I realize that my role as a peace education leader is very important and I am confident that if I make the effort and work with the IPYG, we can establish a world of peace.”

Kaushalya World School

Following this, special peace lectures were also held at Kaushalya World School on April 17th. The participants of this event praised the fact that the event was carried out in good order, and that many attractions were also provided.

In the closing statement of the event, peace education leading lecturer Ms. Anjali Mittal concluded, “HWPL has become a model of peace by spreading peace work in such a short period of time, and it is truly impressive and deserves to be acknowledged. It is a great honor for Kaushalya World School to become a peace academy, and I am anticipating how it will contribute in fulfilling peace through a constructive way for the remainder of this year.”

Samsara, The World Academy

On April 21, a special peace lecture was also held at Samsara, World Academy. On this day, an 8th grade student who attended the special lecture surprised all of the participants by stating, “I have come to realize that peace should not be only fulfilled physically, but peace should also be fulfilled mentally. We must prohibit all kinds of violence, and we must not allow ourselves to just stand by and watch violence happen, not even trying to stop it. Through this seminar, I was able to realize the true meaning of peace.”

Savitri Bai Phule Balika Inter College

The special peace lecture commenced once again in Savitri Bai Phule Balika Inter College, and this time, a peace walk took place after the lecture. The blistering 40-degree weather did not put a damper on the passion these participants had in regards to peace. After the event, peace education leading lecturer Ms. Neelanjana Chakravorty aspired, “HWPL and the IPYG reminded my students and me of how peace needs to be taught. As a peace education lecturer, I will continue to carry out peace activities.”

Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi

On April 26th, a special peace lecture was held specifically for college students at Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi. The president of Lakshmibai College, Ms. Pratyush Vatsala expressed, “I believe that this kind of peace lecture should be targeted at an audience of college students first. It is needed even more in this era where war, conflicts, and structural violence exist. Thank you for allowing us to think about peace.” The students who attended the event on this day signed up for the IPYG and expressed their intention to cooperate altogether.


Hamdard Public School

On May 3rd, about 500 students participated in the special lecture at Hamdard Public School. President of Hamdard Public School, Mr. Zubair Ahmed Khan sent forth a message of peace by saying, “I am delighted to have a peace lecture held at our school. Because of the sincerity of Chairman Lee, our school has become one with the peace academy of HWPL, and today is the day where we have learned about peace and have become messengers of peace. The youth are the ones who can bring about change and put peace into action, and achieving world peace is our mission for this generation.” The special peace lecture on this day was concluded by various performances and a peace walk, and the hearts of those who prepared this event to express peace drew the focus of many people.

Fortune World School

In the event held at Fortune World School on May 4th, peace education leading lecturer Ms. Mansi Sharma stated, “Through this event, our view has broadened. We have learned that these peace activities should not only be spread within our country (India) and to other specific regions, but it must be spread out to every country. In addition, in order to maintain peace all around the world, we who are living on this earth must work altogether.” This peace lecture has provided an opportunity for the participants to change their perception of peace.


Jaypee Public School (Green)

In the event held on May 6th in Jaypee Public School (Green), a student who participated expressed, “I am so happy and thankful to have participated in this event. I have made the determination to put in all my effort for peace, and have realized that peace is very critical for us, and that through it, we will be able to cease wars. First, through this peace education, I myself have to make the effort to become a person of peace.” In this event, the parents of the students participated as well, creating a very fruitful peace lecture.


Modern School Noida

On May 10th, a peace lecture was held at Modern School of Noida. On this day, about 500 students participated and a special performance also drew the attention of many participants. Diverse performances of songs and dances were prepared, and this was a time where many hearts were touched by the preparation of this peace lecture. President of Modern School Noida, Mr. Neeraj Awasthy, stated, “We have the heart to fulfill peace. Peace is the only path that can spread harmony all over the world.”

There were a total of 9 schools in India that hosted peace lectures, and about 2,065 students and school officials participated. Many schools in India participated in these peace lectures and have become one in heart. These events surprised many people, and as a result, have become the opportunity for many organizations and schools to feel motivated to work together with the IPYG.

All HWPL peace academies are in the process of preparing peace education due to these events, and have expressed their intention to continue cooperating with HWPL peace education and the activities of the IPYG so that the students, the leaders of the future, will become messengers of peace.

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