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Youth leadership & Peace

MAY 2017

Make Young Way

Saibaan is an organization in Pakistan working for the regional development and equal and sustainable development for all people. The organization recently organized the Youth Leadership & Peace Development Program for the development of peace and strengthening youth’s sovereignty and leadership. The program was held with the understanding that a good mindset and leadership are crucial for the youth, who are the future, to live in a better world.

The program was held for five days with 20 students aged 14 to 17. The program offered five lectures, which were all led by the CEO of Saibaan, Mr. Sahibzada Jawad Alfaizi. After the lectures, the participants had discussions and presentations on what they felt. In particular, the last day’s lecture was “Make Young Way,” which was prepared with the IPYG to illustrate why the youth need to carry out peace activities. The session included explanations on the sovereignty of youth and the sacrifices they make in wars. Those who joined the program hoped for peace even more and they were motivated to actively work for peace. The students who completed the program received graduation certificates and those who prepared the program hope that the youth who participated will grow into great leaders who lead the effort to achieve peace knowing its importance.

 Mr. Alfaizi, who supervised the program, said the students participated with much enthusiasm and that the lectures will continue in the future to help shape the mindset of youth regarding the value of peace. Saibaan will continue to instill the importance of peace to the Pakistan youth through these opportunities. The organization believes that ultimately, these activities of youth will come together to make the world a peaceful place.


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