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MAY 2017

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Since 2013, the IPYG has been carrying out an online peace project called “Speak Up Your Voice” which is organized to build diverse and peaceful youth community around the globe through promoting active interactions between youth from various countries and cultures. “Speak Up Your Voice” provides the platform for the youth to have discussion on the ways to make a better society through their own voice. At the end of last month, European Youth Community, one of the leading youth organizations in East-central Ukraine, also participated in the project and co-hosted the event with the IPYG members in Korea. During the event, Alevtyna Chuprina, the chairperson of EYC, shared valuable stories of Ukrainian youth communities and current policies of Ukraine on Ukrainian students. Below is the interview with Alevtyna after the event.


Q1. What motivated you to work for peace and harmony in your country?

-       I was raised by my parents in a belief that people have to be respectful to each other, be truthful and helpful to each other. My friends and relatives support same way of thinking.

Q2. What is the priority in the agenda of youth policy in Ukraine?

-       Giving good education to young people.

Q3. Please tell us one method you would like to suggest to educate youth the values of peace, harmony, and tolerance.

-      The methods of non-formal education are ones of the most valuable. We conduct workshops and seminars for youth where we together with participants take part in different activities so that young people can practice the knowledge which they get from us.

Q4. Could you introduce "Speak Up Your Voice" to other Ukrainian youth? Please tell us about your experience freely.

-       The idea of the project is nice and it’s good to share it with other organizations. When we planned to take part in this project we gathered some Ukrainian young people together and made an agenda of how it would be done. While we were drawing pictures and preparing for taking photos we had interesting conversations with our youth about human rights and peace-building.

Q5. What will you do to build peaceful society in your community and in the world?

-       I can keep doing what I already do: create and conduct educational projects for youth, promote peace-building, respect and obeying human rights.

Q6. What activities or projects do you further hope to organize in Ukraine with IPYG members in Korea?

-       It would be nice to have intercultural event in Ukraine where Korean and Ukrainian cultures would be presented.

Q7. After your participation in "Speak Up Your Voice" with IPYG members in Korea, what message would you like to give them?

Living in different parts of the world we both want one thing – peace and harmony in all the countries. Also it’s important to remember your history and keep the culture. And Ukraine always welcomes citizens of South Korea.


The event was an important platform to exchange challenges faced by youth in both countries. Both IPYG and EYC were sincerely motivated and ready to seek opportunities to provide young people with educational activities, through which they can learn the values of harmony, equality, and peace.

At the end of the event, there was a truly touching moment for both sides to recognize how much they have become open and welcoming to each other. Together, they promised to continuously support the valuable works for youth in Ukraine and Korea.


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