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Youth Leaders Discuss the Future in Hungary

MAY 2017

Hungarian Youth Speak Forum 2017, Budapest

The Hungarian Youth Speak Forum 2017 was hosted by AEISEC in Budapest, Hungary Friday, May 5, 2017. The Youth Speak Forum focused on youth and youth leadership. Currently, youth take up over 50% of the global population. That makes today's generation of youth the largest one in history. As AIESEC explained in the program, developing youth leaders today not only allows us to impact the world together, but unlocks the enormous potential for building a better future for all. The Forum was based on discussions, outcomes and studies from the Global Youth Speak Forum and AIESEC Youth Action Summit which were held earlier.

The first part of the program featured keynote speeches. A variety of speakers presented ways for reimagining solutions to global challenges and how they strive for reducing inequalities. IPYG presented the peace activities it runs as a global youth group and their vision moving towards an equal society. IPYG's keynote was well received by an attentive and interested audience. The keynote session was followed by 90-minute workshops that offered participants a chance to learn more deeply about a specific topic and to take pragmatic approaches exploring actionable ideas to design projects.

One of the workshops was dedicated to IPYG's program, which highlighted the importance and necessity of peace education. Participants of the workshop discussed ways to implement peace education at schools in Hungary.

While presenting the outcomes at the end of the workshop, one university student argued that children must be the primary target of peace education, and a carefully designed curriculum must be offered for higher grades including university level afterwards.

The final part of the program was a panel session titled ACTION SPACE with be-novative where four to six panelists directly engaged with the audience. Participants had brainstorming and discussions to generate forward-thinking solutions to specific "how" questions, refining new approaches to global challenges such as inequality, social welfare, female rights, and education inequality. By materializing concrete ideas, the Forum concluded.

Ms. Annamária Horváth, the head of AIESEC Hungary, remarked, "It was a great pleasure to be part of this forum, and it was amazing to see that everything presented and contributed by IPYG was about peace."

IPYG was able to listen to various opinions and take part in the youth discourse in Hungary through the Hungarian Youth Speak Forum 2017. IPYG will continue the global youth interaction, and it looks forward to working together for peace with a wider youth community.

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