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The National Yemen Editor-in-Chief Participates In WARP Summit in Seoul


In response to the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit 2014 (WARP) invitation, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of National Yemen newspaper Fakhri al-Arashi arrived to Seoul on Monday to participate in the summit, which aims to teach global leaders the importance of peace and religious alliances.


The historical peace summit will last for three days and will take place in Seoul, South Korea. Participants come from all over the world including politicians, religious leaders, women and youth leaders and journalists.


The summit chairman, Man Hee Lee, and the chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group, along with representatives of the International Peace Youth Group have begun paving the way to a peaceful future for the world. Together, they have embarked on 13 tours around the world to speak with and gather support from renowned leaders in both secular and religious sectors of society. “This week, all the people we have met during our tours will gather in Seoul at the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit which will be hosted by HWPL in conjunction with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy,” said Lee.


Al-Arashi said that Yemen needs to understand the concept of peace and apply it through the criteria of the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit. Yemen has achieved the best outcomes out of the Arab Spring countries, which have witnessed much violence. “Yemen is still passing through a fragile political situation after obtaining the National Dialogue which was set for nine months to end Yemen’s political, social and economic problems,” said al-Arashi.


Yemeni participation represents different organizations and government officials that are looking to return back to the country with a hope to apply the conference objectives. The three days conference is highly organized and well intentioned to solve religious disputes.