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WARP Summit Peace Walk -Seoul-Korea




-Over 200,000 people gathered at the Peace Gate of the Olympic Park on September 19


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 WARP Summit Peace Walk -Seoul-Korea 

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Today was the last day of WARP summit, and 2nd press conference was held in which the Chairman of HWPL briefed to media participants about the achievements of WARP summit and answered their questions. WARP summit became the cornerstone for achieving world peace, by more than 600 religious leaders signing interfaith peace agreement.


To celebrate these achievements, Peace Walk was held at the Gate of Peace in Seoul Olympic Park, the same place where the 1st IPYG Peace Walk was held in 2013 and Chairman Mr. Lee read the Declaration of World Peace. Approximately 200,000 participants including IPYG affiliated youth from more than 100 countries participated to make one voice that international law should be enacted to cease all wars..