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Creating A Peaceful Society


More than 100 USP students attend International Peace Youth Group conference 

We need to stand up as youths and a peaceful society for all, says  International Peace Youth Group representative Kay Kim.

She said this during the  International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) conference at the University of the South Pacific lecture theatre yesterday.

More than 100 students of the USP gathered at the lecture theatre to learn about the peace walk and its importance.

Miss Kay said the IPYG members didn't only come to talk about peace but they showed peace in the way they talked and communicated with youths here in Fiji.

" We are surrounded with a lot of wars in our daily lives; there are wars between churches and beliefs; who id right and wrong.

War does not only mean death, destruction and killing but can also mean war of words because of different ideas and thoughts," she said.

The IPYG is a youth organization made up of many affiliated youth groups working for world peace. 

The group includes more than 130 youth groups and affiliates in 52 countries worldwide.

"Our goal is to become a place where all youths will be able to meet and encounter one another in a meaningful way."

At the International Peace Youth Group(IPYG) ; youths would be able to go on and make a difference in the lives of those they meet along the way.

"We believe that when we help youths to know about peace than the outcome would be a peaceful country but if there is no peace than there will be destruction," she said 

She said youths were the future leaders of tomorrow and we must help them save the world.

Source: Fijisun