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International Peace Youth Group begins to mobilize Georgian youth for peace in the ILIA State University


IPYG of Korea and students of ILIA University in Georgia co-hosted IPYG & IWPG Peace Seminar with youth leaders (League of rights, Georgian youth development association, Students & youth development centre, Voice of freedom, Youth for the world, Caucasus mosaic, Young progressive leaders in Georgia, Young liberals of Georgia, Caucasus youth nexus), women leaders(President of Jewish Women’s Organization of Georgia: Marine Solomonishvili, Dean of School of Government: Nana Baramidze, President of The Georgian Culture in Georgia and Abroad) and media professionals(Mariam Bolkvadze of MIR TV) in attendance.

Under the topic of “What roles could women and youth play to realize peace?” the event took place a part of Peace Zone Project, one of the four main projects announced by IPYG in 1st Commemoration Sep. 18th World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Summit from September 18th through 19th.

For the first time in Georgia, youths gathered to discuss peace with women leaders who are central in forming public opinions and media professionals who are broadcasting their voices around the world. The event was specifically organized to form a public opinion for urging of Implementation of International Convention on cessation of war and world peace.

The event started with a brief introduction of HWPL and its work to reverse the trend of violence due to recent wars and conflicts. After then, participants got together in groups of four to five to discuss different topics such as ‘Is the world peaceful these days? What could youth and women do to bring about eternal world peace?’

After a series of heated discussions, representatives from IPYG and IWPG presented specific examples of peace activities hosted by youth and women around the world. Most notable was thatin Mindanao, Philippines,Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL mediated between Catholics and Muslims and put an end to the 40-year-long religious conflict in the region.

Mr. Berdia Beridze, Vice-president of Student Assembly of ILIA University said “While listening to creative ideas of the participants, I was able to feel strong desire for peace in Georgian people. I believe we would be able to put these into practice through IPYG and IWPG. We in ILIA University hope to expand Peace Zone Project with IPYG and I hope that public support for peace would grow starting from our university.” Also Mr. Levan Gorgadze from Caucasus Youth Nexus, the presenter of this seminar said that “With HWPL, IPYG and IWPG, I hope to expand these kind of peace activities. Then I’m sure that world peace is achievable.”

Ms. Mariam Bolkvadze, a journalist and a producer of MIR TV, maintained in her special speech that “Youth and women are the center of public opinion and once they become one, neither authority nor money would be able to overcome their power. These voices would be publicized to the world through media and would change the world. As much as youths and women are working hard for peace, media professionals will also join in this movement.” She also expressed her personal expectation for the public support to expand throughout the whole Caucasus region.

The event concluded with taking commemorative group photo. Youth organizations affiliated with IPYG are discussing their plan to form a committee to hold various peace events and to establish peace zones throughout Georgia.

IPYG, the host of the event, is forming a network of youths around the world and inspiring them to act as the voice of conscience and reason in this world, promoting a culture of peace. More specifically, it works to develop potential of young people to change the world through Peace Walk, Peace Zone, and Signing of agreement to urge for International convention. Headquartered in Korea, it is cooperating with 2.5 million youths in 5.25 youth organizations from about 100 countries. 

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 Friday, 04 December 2015 17:26